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How to make glycerin based tincture using fine ISO or BHO oil

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by VIavatar, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Ok sorry for starting a new thread but i have searched many forums and found that there is simply too many discussions about the subject, that just don't talk about the details of making glycerin tincture with OIL.
    Now i have never made one mylsef but i am in the process and i would like to know if anyone has had any success with make a potent batch. I need to know how many grams of hash oil i need per ml of glycerin and what is the best method to dissolve the oil in the glycerin i have read that people have tryied mixing alcohol and glycerin to speed up the process but then how do you get the liqour out? or putting it in the oven at about 150 degrees f(glycerin boils at abou 450c i think) with a covered top but that sounds a little weird. Or will the oil just dissolve if i leave it for long enough shaking it every now and then.

    My goal = make the most potent tincture known to man and knock myself out
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  3. and dont point me to wildwills or any other forum been there read that doesnt answer my specific questions
  4. the beat way i have found to make glycerin tincture using iso hash is to get the hash as fine as you can 1gram hash to 2oz glycerin put it in a jar together fill a pan half full with hot water then put the jar in pan of hot water put it on the stove on low shake it every once in a while after three hours take off stove shake and put in dark place over night do the hot waterthing again for one more day strain.
  5. finaly, thank you. So 1 g of fine iso hash for 2 oz glycerin eh so if i put any more then that it is gonna be waste??
  6. Man this is exactly what I am doing. I made a Tincture with veggie glycerine and about 15grams of ground up weed in a crockpot over 24hrs. It came out nice but it is not very strong at all. So now I have a little bit of BHO and I want to k ow how to blend it with the glycerine. I am vaporizing it in an e cig.
  7. It's the sasme glandular material, it requires the same processing, however you will need to manually agitate concentrates a bit more in order to 'loosen' them up, and expose as much surface space as possible to the glycerin. It's very easy. :) If working with a small amount, you just need a small ceramic or pyrex dish, and your home oven...

    Photo Tutorial: Med Grade Glycerin Tincture

    You can use a crock pot for large amounts, but ideally, whether the amount is large or small, the oven is the way to go (the above link helps explain why, and how to use each method as best as possible).... when working with a concentrate, you will need to frequently stop the process and manually agitate the material.

    That is the only difference.

    A concentrate still requires nearly the same amount of time and patience, in order to become a solution, so it may be as bioavailable as possible. It's not finished the moment the glandular material disperses, or appears to disperse to the naked eye. It still needs several hours of gentle heat, and ideally, a week or two of sitting time for the best results.


    Concentrates and hash are ideal for making glycerin tincture, that you intend on using in an e-cigarette personal vaporizer.. these tinctures come out much more concentrated, and a bit 'cleaner', than tinctures made with flowers.





    Have fun, and good luck. :)
  8. After I bake it for the 4-6 hrs, do I strain it out or leave the material in before I let it sit for the three weeks?
  9. Also, should I transfer it out into another container like a clear jar? Or should I just leave it in the small Pyrex dish that I used for the oven?

    Basically what I am doing is a small test batch. I started with the batch that I already came out with(the one that is not strong enough). I only used 1oz of glycerine and 4.5 grams of good bud. I have followed your tutorial thus far. I have finished baking it for 5 hrs at 195. I stopped the baking 3 times to mix and smash the material. I have removed my Pyrex dish and put it on my shelf.
  10. Is it an issue using the already once heated and finished glycerine? I definitely cannot tell by the color if it has extracted essential oils or not. Because it was already that dark amber color to start with.
  11. I will be using only BHO hash oil after Dec 10th. That is after I get a lot of material.
  12. So I ran another batch of BHO through with a small amount (15grams). I got back a solid 3grams of BHO in first runs only. And now I am in the process of trying to make the glycerine and the BHO to become what Bad Kitty describes as "bioavailable". Apparently this takes quite a bit of time. Maybe I put in too much hash oil. I use 2.5 grams of BHO to 2 ounces of glycerin. After about 4 hours of gentle heating, cooling, and agitating, the BHO has dissolved only a little. The glycerine has changed color slightly. Am I doing this right?
  13. By the way, Bad Kitty is the shit! You rock and thank you so much for all of your expert knowledge.
  14. I could still use some answers or input on mu questions posted. Can anybody help?
  15. Can anyone share how they break down the BHO into the glycerine? Is there an easier way without using lecithin? I intend to use the end product in an e-cig. Any help or input would be appropriated. Thanks.
  16. Hello...?
  17. How's it been going for you? I'm in the same boat just filled with questions....well not really I jut want empty cartridges for my fusion pen so I can add my own oil to it
  18. Yea whats up people?

    Who have some answers?
  19. Read the first page. :)

    But in a little more detail...

    It's same glandular material, as such it requires the same processing. It's not just a matter of extraction, or breaking it down to the 'naked eye'; you need to form a proper solution, particularly for sublingual absorption, and even more so for use as a carrier or 'cannabinoid vehicle' in low-temp vaporization devices.

    Where concentrates are more dense and compact, they often require MORE manual agitation than flowers, or kief.

    That's literally the only difference, they require a little more 'help' from the maker, otherwise you'll be waiting much too long for the material to dissolve; during the heated portion of the process, you'll need to occasionally remove from heat and allow your material to remain somewhat warm, but first let it cool slightly before breaking your seal (it should be sealed well during processing) and then you'll use a dabber, or even a spoon, to press and break up the material. The larger the lump to begin with, the more agitation you'll need, so it's best to warm and spread it thin to begin with, before applying pre-warmed glycerin.

    The more surface space you provide, the faster it will dissolve into the glycerin, where it can finally begin to form a solution.

    Beyond that, just follow the glycerin tutorial provided on page one. :smoke:
  20. still confused

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