how to make divx stop lagging?

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    I've recently converted some mkv files to play on divx but wen i watch them it lags a SHIT LOAD how do i make it stop lagging?

  2. Fairly certain you"re F'ed. I believe many/most vid convertors spit out bad avis.
  3. damn r u sure cuz i downloaded it from the divx website
  4. is your system not fast enough to play mkv files?
  5. MKV files are shit. The never ever convert out right. You're better off finding an AVI somewere.
  6. why would you need to convert mkv files?

    all my HD tv shows are in MKV format and currently, mkv is the best for HS 702/h264 format
  7. ^^what he said
  8. If size on your hard drive is the is ridiculously cheap right now. its insane how cheap it is. Ive seen 2tb for $89.99.

    And what are your compys specs?
  9. Yeah, there's really no need to convert unless you are trying to put the files on an external player such as an iPod or Zune.

    VLC Media Player really is a lifesaver.

  10. Yep, MKV is the way to go for high format programs. It's pretty much I'll bother to dload these days. Converting TO a MKV is a waste of time, but FROM an mkv to avi, mpg, etc. will work if you have a decent program to do the conversion.

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