How to make cool little Axe stash can

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  1. Had nothing better to do so whatever, and sorry for the big pics. I didn't realize how big they were and I don't feel like resizing them.
    First you start out with one of these little 1 ounce axe cans, and a pill bottle (mine was from CVS and was 2 3/4" tall and 1 1/4" wide)
    [​IMG]Make sure the can is empty (I sprayed it out underwater because I don't actually use axe) and then take the plastic sprayer off, and take a flat head screwdriver and some pliers and work at getting the top off. It might take a few minutes, because you have to pry back the whole top and then it should fall down into the can and then you're gonna have to bend it so it will fit out through the top. This is what the metal thing looked like after I got it out:[​IMG]
    At this point, the medicine bottle wouldn't quite fit in, so I took some 600 grit sandpaper(I couldn't find any lower) and I sanded at the rim to make it wider. Eventually it was wide enough, but I still had to use some force to get it in axe can. Then put the the cap on the bottle, and then push the top of the can on so it looks normal. It should just fit in. The bottle cap in the can top looks like this:[​IMG]Then when you push the axe can top down and twist it comes off with the bottle top.
    This is what the inside looks like:
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  2. awesome, +rep
  3. man i gotta try that, +rep
  4. when i first saw the thread i thought this was gonna be a repost of that axe stash can from the other day but it isnt so good shit man lol :) +rep
  5. i thought of this too, but i only had the mini ones laying around. +rep anyways =D
  6. dude thats awesome, i have a big one and without teh pill bottle inside.
    Ive never thought to do taht with the mini cans and a pill bottle.
    my friend made one of those soda can stash cans, with teh glass jat inside, same concept, but this is awesome cuz its so small.

    how much bud you thik you can fit in there?
    from teh looks of it id say maybe 4 grams in that lil vile...?
  7. damn dude +rep thats insane. definately gonna try this
  8. Thanks, but I don't understand. This is using the mini ones so if you have them laying around shouldn't you be able to do it?

    And as to how much I can fit in it, it depends on the type of bud. If it's real dank fluffy bud like 2.5 but if it's compressed more, and if it's already ground way more. I made one of the soda stash cans, but it's not really convenient to carry around, plus the jar lid came off while it's still on the jar, so I can't open it.
  9. Nice. Ill try doin somethin similar to this except ill be using a thong and a vagina.
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  10. pretty cool, did u come up with that
  11. are you purposefully misspelling the? i dont think you spelled it right once...
  12. Yep. I saw the bigger axe stash cans and happened to have a mini one laying on my desk so I emptied it and opened it up and then realized that a little pill bottle I had laying on my desk was a near perfect fit.
  13. damn thats tight
    can you buy those pill bottles or do you just have to have them
    because i dont have one and i havent seen them anywhere
  14. If you get ant perscription pills or any thing of that sort, it comes in that container.
    other than me.
  15. yeah i dont have any persriptions so i guess ill just have to wait until i run across one
  16. You can sometimes buy them on ebay individually and in large quantity. I'm sure someone you know has one of these lying around. Also I bet that some drugstores would just give you one if you asked.
  17. No, im not purposly mispelling THE.
    i can spell, i just didnt feel like going back and changing it, hahaha.
    i guess i was in a rush. heh
  18. I made one a while back
  19. works awesome on older cans but all my new ones, the neck is too small, +rep anyways
  20. im going to make one of those today or tomorrow, ill let you know how it goes

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