How to make Charas

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  1. How do I know when a plant is ready to be rubbed for charas? Can charas be extracted from Hemp?
  2. Why? Waste of a plant Imo. Leave that glue on the plants. I used to trim, and I'd say from trimming about 50 plants I had maybe a penny sized hash on my gloves. And all went for destruction :( Chara = form of hash. U'd rub the plants when they are sticky with resin usually end of harvest for best benefits.

    Hash can be extracted from hemp, mainly used for hemp oil. But it will contain little to no THC and traces of cannabidiols. Mainly more nutrients it containing fatty acids and bioactive compounds, like the yogurt "activia"

    Remeber, hemp "cbd" oil is greatly by a huge margin not the same as cbd oil from a female cannabis plant. Look at is as...

    Hemp "cbd" oil = drinking powdered orange juice mixed in a glass of water. Little to no nutrient compounds.

    Cannabis "cbd" oil = fresh orange picked of a tree and juicing it. Maximum nutrient compounds.

    You can order hemp cbd oil from Amazon. You cannot order cannabis cbd oil from Amazon, the difference?

    Hemp cbd oil is just water with fatty acids like omega 3 . People think it's the same and buy it being tricked by marketing induendo putting in the word "cbd oil".

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