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Recipe How To Make Cannabis Chocolate Bars (PICTURES!)

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Skyscraper, Jul 23, 2012.

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    I've seen so many recipes, but hardly any chocolate ones!

    So, I'm going to share how I made a test batch to see how they turn out!

    First off, you're going to need at least .5g of beasters or dank per bar, I recommend 1 gram. Then you'll be wanting a oven-friendly bowl of some sort (something that has a deep bottom - you could use a cupcake tray for this), coffee filters, a cooking oil (coconut oil, canola oil, olive oil, vegetable oil - pretty much any cooking oil will do), a shallow tray or dish, freezer, tin foil, spoon, lots of dark/hard chocolate, milk, and a whole raw chicken.......kidding :D


    So, grind/chop your weed to a fine consistency, but not very very fine - other wise there will be some problems when attempting to strain the weed out ;)


    Now put your weed in your deep oven-friendly bowl or cupcake tray. Place in a preheated (210-220 degrees f) oven for 15 minutes (covered).


    Then, turn the oven off and leave the oven door open, let it cool for about 10 minutes.

    Then add the oil and mix up, and put back into a preheated 220 degrees f oven for 45 minutes (covered).


    Once the 45 minutes are over, take it out and 'mash' up with weed and oil mix with a spoon of some sort for about 5 minutes. Then place back into the oven for an additional 45 minutes.


    Once the time is up, turn off the oven and leave it in there for half an hour with the door closed, then take it out and strain it through a coffee filter.



    VOILA! You've made canna-oil!


    Now, melt your chocolate using the microwave, or double boiler method (preferred). Melt the appropriate amount of chocolate for how much weed you added - for example if I add 12 grams, I'd melt 24 chocolate bars.




    Add your canna-oil to the melted chocolate, and stir for a while, while still on the heat.




    Once mixed through thoroughly, scrape your molten chocolate into the shallow pan (it helps a lot if you line it with grease proof paper to avoid sticking). Once spread evenly, put it in your freezer for 20 minutes. Come back and it should be solid. Cut with a knife into bars (if I add 12 grams, I'd cut it into 24 bars) then wrap in tin foil and store in a dark, dry place. Or use a ice cube tray, sprayed or greased or lines with something for easy exit of the chocolate.


    There you go! cannabis chocolate bars/cubes ;D

    Hope this helped :) Will edit once I've tried them :wave:



    damn garlic oil lol.. that woulda tasted nasty if I used that haha

    Update: I'm definitely feeling some mild effects from just scraping the left over chocolate from the bowl, had like half a tea spoon so not much. I can't wait guys! Gunna take 2 chocolates tomorrow which is about 2 doses, wish me luck :)

  2. It's great to see that you have an interest in edible cannabis, and it's a very good start!

    Here are a few pointers (many are also elaborated in the CannaPharm sticky recipes that discuss canna and hash chocolate making). :)

    The temperatures in the recipe you found, are way, WAY too high to properly infuse cannabis glandular material with oil.... if you're vaporizing your THC (and a few of your other low-flashpoint cannabinoids) they won't bond to the oil properly, because they are trying to escape... THC has a flashpoint of 300.2F

    Even at temperatures just below vaporization of your more volatile cannabinoids, a half an hour is not long enough to create a bioavailable solution...

    Simply stripping glandular material from the inert plant matter, and actually creating a solution that your body can absorb, as easily as possible, are two very different things!

    And lastly, as far as the canna oil itself goes, the first step was omitted entirely:

    Pre-activation or decarboxylation, is not even mentioned or performed!

    This is the step that turns your 'inactive' THCA, into the THC we know and love so well. :D Keep in mind that this takes about 20 - 35 minutes in a 'dry' environment, and even longer once submerged in oil...

    Just to be clear, before I go any further, I'm not saying that anything less than 'perfect' doesn't work at all! :p

    When you skip steps and cut corners, you may certainly 'feel something', but it's a far cry from the effects that material could have provided you!

    That's why we have so much dosage discrepancy, and so many failed edible stories.. processing matters! :eek:

    It's important for both recreational users, and especially for patients who can't afford to waste their herb, to understand that if they cut too many corners on their methods, they could be potentially wasting anywhere from half their potency, to several days worth of edible medication, per a single functional, or mediocre dose...

    Edibles can be much, much more powerful than smoking the same material, but only with the right processing!

    Start cutting corners, and you'll need to begin multiplying the amount of canna required per each dose!

    In the CannaPharm sticky, you'll find several recipes and posts for various forms of canna chocolate - hashy chocolate bars - truffles & ganache - and chocolate coatings, with properly made oil, as seen below. :)

    The recipes discuss using everything from pre-made chocolate bars, to making canna chocolate from scratch using cacao, sugar, cocoa butter, milk and vanilla, oil selection.

    They also go over whether you wish to have an ideal oil source for absorption, such as coconut oil which happens to be used in many chocolate recipes today, or if a 'pure' or 'gourmedible' (rather than 'medible'), traditional chocolate bar made using cocoa butter, with the only adulterating ingredient being hash, is the aim.
    The tutorials also discuss both light and proper conching, and tempering your chocolate for the perfect texture and so it will set up properly, and how to add milk so it doesn't ruin the consistency of your chocolate, which is very easy to do if the wrong milk (particularly liquid, rather than dehydrated) is added at the wrong time! :eek:

    A few of the items herb and hash chocolate have been used for in the 'Pharm...












    It's on both sets of wrapped brownies, in the chocolate hashy bars, chunked-up in half the truffles, and the coating on the 'Canna Bombs'. :smoke:



    Anyhow, good luck, and have fun with your canna chocolate! :wave:
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  3. Wow, I'm gonna make some chocolate tomorrow!
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  4. Thanks Badkitty! I completely forgot about decarbing the weed. I'll make some changes later, when I can pull up the concentration - lol.

    I love your replies btw, they're so educational :)
  5. I like to make chocolate bars using my leftover plant material so that nothing goes to waste. I don't strain my weed too hard and some of the goodness always remains. Once I've collected enough to make the effort worthwhile, I'll make up 20 or 30 bars the size of a Pay Day candy bar and they are really potent. I recommend about a quarter of a bar to set you on your ass. I also wet the weed down with some oil or glycerin or honey elixir and add some of the same to the chocolate mixture so that there's at least a triple whammy at the time of consumption. It's pretty easy to do and quite satisfying as long as your body is capable of handling of the plant material. Some people's digestive tract aren't able to process it without discomfort which is also why I make them strong enough to only need a small piece. Here's how it's done in general:

    Take the leftovers out of the fridge where stored and put in a bowl, then wet the material with a small amount of oil, butter, tincture or whatever you have. I also will add other ingredients I have on hand to create a more palatable treat. I add nuts, coconut, rice krispies, and things like that. In a double boiler or heavy saucepan, melt your chocolate (I like a combination of dark, semi and unsweetened). Add an amount of condensed sweetened milk proportionate with the amount of chocolate and constantly stir. I then like to add a healthy amount of the canna products listed above, some flavoring like vanilla and/or other flavor of extract. I personally like orange extract and almond extract. Once you have your mixture well blended and smooth, pour it into the bowl with the plant material and mix well. I put on gloves and mix it by hand so that I'm sure the material doesn't clump and that it all is evenly coated. Once that's finished, I get a piece of wax paper, take a small amount of the mixture and place on the end of the wax paper nearest you. Take the end of the paper nearest you, bring it up and over the material you placed there and then roll it out to the shape and size you want, like using a Bambu roller. I then like to flatten the bar a small amount so that it doesn't look too much like a turd. Place your bars in a container with wax paper and freeze or refrigerate.

    I have gotten rave reviews for these bars and it's a great way to be sure you've gotten your money's worth from your weed by using everything.
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  6. Hahahah :smoke:

    It sounds like a good method Sam.

    I'll either be posting pictures, or a video of me making the chocolate this weekend. :)

  7. I'll really be looking forward to seeing the pics or video. I'm getting ready to make some more of my bars this week because I have several ounces of leftover material in my freezer and need to make room for some food. I also will try to take some pictures and post if I can hold the camera steady enough. :smoking:

  8. Thanks :) And nice man! I take it you grow? And yeah, try to take some pictures - will be waiting to see how those bars turn out.

    And haha yeah, I don't have a tripod - nor a good camera so it's pretty hard to hold steady while high ;) :smoke:
  9. No, actually I live in a little apartment and don't have room to grow although I am thinking of converting a closet. However, I live in Arizona and it's legal. I have a couple of growers that I get my weed from and I get great service from both. One of them gives me his trim which is usually 75% untrimmed buds and for a ridiculously low donation and 3-4 ozs at a time. The other fella uses his trim to make oils and butter and edibles for his patients, but he then brings me the remains after just a first wash. All that together allows me to really get into perfecting my extraction methods. Dispensaries are preparing to open here soon and I'm preparing my resume. Because tinctures are still a disappointment here, I'm hoping that I can fill a needed niche. I'm lucky I have good caregivers.

    As to the bars, they're finished and setting up in the freezer. I'll take a few pics and maybe one will be clear and I'll post them. I only got a few of the process before it got really too messy to try to touch anything with chocolate all over my hands. After licking the bowl, I think I've got a winner, again. Failures suck. :D:smoking:

  10. Hahah nice man, sounds like you get a real nice deal with the trim. Back when I was 14 I got offered all the trim off this new (uneducated ;)) grower for £20, I was so annoyed when he sold it to someone else cause he had to wait for me to get money lol. An offer like that is very rare, even nowadays, shame that I missed the chance :c

    Glad the bars turned out good! Feel free to post the pictures here :)
  11. I tested my chocolate bars a short while ago and I'm lucky I can type. I ate half of a small one a couple of hours ago and I now have an intense head and body rush that has been going on for an hour already. I expect to have a nice overall buzz for a few hours after the rush ends if it goes like the last ones I made before. Once I'm able to find the right buttons on the camera and hold it kind of steady, I'll post some pictures.:smoking:
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  12. Haha sounds strong my man. Well aren't most edibles ;) My second time trying edibles was about 6 months ago and I was high for pretty much the whole day haha. I made peanut butter and had a double dose :D Ended up eating so much food that day man.. :yummy: 2 rustlers microwave burgers, 10 chicken nuggets, a whole roast chicken, a rack of 5 bbq ribs, toast, crisps, a sandwich which I consumed the peanut butter in, a whole roll of pringles and dip, and a milky way I think. It was a day to remember :)

    My first wasn't really that great apart from my grandparents making an unexpected visit.. right after the edible started to kick in man! I was all set in my room for the day, tv shows, laptop, food, drink.. then I heard a knock... My eyes felt so puffy/closed it was unreal.. :hippie:
  13. I have taken some pics of the cannabis "fiber" bars using leftover weed material. They're not real good so you'll have to use your imagination a bit to complete the picture. Maybe someday I'll read the camera instructions a little better. So here's a descriptive view of the process.

    1) Non-cannabis ingredients, excluding chocolate: Usually whatever I have on hand. In this case I used a big handful each of chopped walnuts, pecans and sliced almonds. Also, about the same amount of rice krispies and coconut. I may use some dried fruit on the next one.
    2) Leftover marijuana plant material from various previous processes. Here is about 5 ounces. To this I added a tablespoon of glycerin tincture and the same of honey elixir to moisten it up a bit and give some added kick and blended well.
    3) This is the combined, sorta dry ingredients. I added the pot to the other stuff and mixed well.

    The process starts moving along pretty fast at this point and becomes a bit messy, too, making it impossible to take pics. So, I'll describe the rest. Remember, use your imagination.

    In the metal bowl I use for a double boiler I put 3 oz bittersweet chocolate, 2 oz of unsweetened chocolate, 3 cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips, half a can of sweetened condensed milk, 2 cap fulls of vanilla and orange extract each and the crowning touches, 2 tablespoons each of the tincture and the elixir. That's about 40 doses each. Anyway, I put the bowl over a pot of hot water and did the double boiler thing until it was all melted together. Because I used so much chocolate, I added condensed milk as needed. Once it was a nice, sticky, chocolaty mess I added it to the dry ingredients and mixed really well with gloved hands. I then used a piece of waxed paper to use as a Bambu roller for chocolate bars, and rolled up a shitload. Very messy. Some of those bars I then rolled in toffee brittle chips and the rest plain. Here is an artist's fuzzy depiction of the final results.
    4) Hopefully you can see enough to tell which ones are covered and which ones not. Also, somewhere around the bottom of the plate is some fudge I made a while back.

    That's it. They're ass kicking but an acquired taste I guess. You can use anything you want in it. I've made them as turtles before and those were more convenient to eat but a lot more work. The important thing here is getting the maximum out of the weed.

    And remember, use your imagination. :D

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  15. Nice guide Sam! Perhaps reading the camera instructions isn't such a bad idea ;) I would give you rep but I need to "spread some around before giving more".

    Whatever this guy's smoking, I WANT IT. :smoke: :laughing:

  16. Too much rep might go to my head. Thanks for the thought, though. I'm not sure the instructions will do much good. I bought a cheapee at Wally World and it's about half the size of my palm, so it's really hard to manipulate without blocking the lens.

    Totally! I guess we'll just have to consult our friends.

  17. Ah damn :/ If you've got a camera phone you could try that? They tend to have 1-5 megapixels on average. Not bad for a few snap shots, but nothing fancy.

    I'd love to have a big dslr camera, it'd be great for bud shots but also just taking snaps of nature. I used to study photography back in school, used my granddads old film camera - worked excellent, it's a shame I can't share the pictures because of it being a film camera :c

  18. I'd of been better off with a cell phone camera. I only use a Tracfone and the camera on those are pretty bad, plus there's no way to retrieve them. The little camera I bought is actually a video that takes stills. Wally was out of snapshot cameras at the time. The thought just occurred to me that I could make a video and take a still from that. Great Idea, Skyscraper, I'm glad you thought of it.;)

  19. Ah damn, well hey, a picture is better than no picture :):smoke:
  20. Pics coming soon! Cooking now!

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