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How to make Canna Oil (My Method) Almost no Smell!

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by purplehazeguy, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. This is just how I do it, I usually make small amounts because I use them for brownie recipes which usually call for 1/4 cup of vegetable oil.

    You'll need:
    -a sauce pan
    - water
    - mason jar
    - 1/4 of vegetable oil
    - roughly 3.5 grams of high grade or kush ground up finely
    - a coffee filter or metal tea strainer


    - Fill your sauce pan up with room temperature water and put it on the stove on a low - medium setting


    -place your 1/4 of veggie oil in the mason jar with your finely ground marijuana and seal the lid.

    - make sure you put the jar in at cold water so it gradually heats up and doesn't get shocked by the hot water.


    - Make sure the water is warm/hot but not boiling look for bubbles in the oil and water !

    - After about 1-4 hours your oil is ready ! There will be virtually no smell at this point ! :D

    Although this will change after you open the container :|, so open outside if you have room mates or land lord to worry about! :cool:

    - Lastly just wear oven mitts when you take the jar out of the water and taking off the lid because obviously its hot !

    The oil will still be hot, but I like to filter it when its hot :D

    You can filter using either a coffee filter or metal tea strainer :


    but my personal fave is the metal tea strainer! :smoke:


    - Make sure you get every last drop of oil ! and your cannabis oil is ready for baking or cooking with!


    You don't have to refrigerate the oil I'm pretty sure, although when ever I make brownies they usually never last so I never have the problem of left overs haha :D:hello:

    Enjoy and SAFE Cooking Blades !

  2. not my pictures, but it helps get the point across :)
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    It's a pretty good start. :)

    Make sure you're not using regular kitchen vegetable oils, like crisco, or wesson... oils such as corn, canola, soy, olive oil. These oils do not contain much saturated fat, and they do not break down or carry cannabis glandular material very effectively. And unless you happen to have liver issues, and you over-metabolize cannabinoids, you want to be using coconut oil, palm kernal oil, or clarified butter if it's all you have. :) These have the medium-chain triglycerides that promote portal vein and liver absorption, so you can benefit from the potentiating conversion that takes place in the liver, changing much of your D9THC into the more powerful 11-OH-THC.
    Using the more common or standard vegetable oils which are almost entirely comprised of long-chain triglycerides, will promote a lesser lymphatic absorption, which bypasses the liver all together, meaning any cannabinoids absorbed that way will not be converted or made more potent! Using the wrong oil for recreational, or certain medicinal purposes, leads to a weaker, shorter-lived experience.

    Also, be sure you're not just heating water in a pan on the stove, then resting a glass jar in it. :)
    You need to use a double boiler unless it's a VERY deep pot, and you have a very thick folded towel submerged beneath the jar, creating a butter, protecting it from making direct contact with the heat source.

    I realize they are not your pictures and it seems they come from multiple tutorials, so you may not have understood what the authors were going for, or he may have been giving out bad/risky advice himself. It's a decent start, though! :smoke:
  4. Were you suggesting you heat up the oil while the lid is on?
  5. This explains why my brownies I made last time got all fucked up. I had an eighth of dro once, ground it up with my VEGGIE oil on low and let it simmer for 2-3 hrs with the weed soaking in there. Then we strained the weed out. It got one of the girls who had never smoked before pretty high but wasnt very effective for me. Nice weedscience man.
  6. Whoops, one more bit of advice I didn't mention (automatically assumed it was in the OP)...

    Decarb!!! :)

    Check the stickies or the link I gave earlier for more info on decarboxylation, or activation. It saves a lot of time (hours) in oil.
  7. I heard that if you were to use the oil for baking that you do not neet to decarb....Is that true?
    No.  :smoking:

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