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How to make bud last??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by carmona1112, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. I am just about to finish up a quarter of beasters from yesterday. I am fairly new to smoking and am trying to find out the most efficient way too smoke. ONly got a couple of nugs left and can't pick up again until tomorrow night :( ANy suggestions on how to make it last?? I am pretty balsted right now so simple ideas would be keen haha.
  2. light bulb vaporizer. when you pack a bowl in a pipe take a hit and hold it in as long as you can
  3. dont smoke 6 grams a day...
  4. agreed.
  5. Yeah just smoke out of a pipe and keep it in as long as u can, don't smoke blunts/joints they burn quicker and a lot of smoke comes off.
    Or.. If u have a bong... i'd use that
  6. One hitters
  7. Buy a vape, it's a simple as that. They are by far the most efficient smoking device. You can get absolutely ripped of off small amounts (<.5).
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    buy/make a vaporizer and yeah don't smoke so much your tolerance will go up real fast thus needing to smoke, or vape more to achieve the same level of highness. Take at least a day break everyonce in a while so your tolerance goes back down.
  9. Yeah dude I'd recommend not smoking a quarter in 2 days. Smoke enough to get high then stop. This way you save weed and keep your tolerance low.

    Also getting a piece is much more weed-efficient than joints/blunts.
  10. gravity bong is definitely my way of conserving.
  11. Just smoke bowls no bubs or bongs or blunts cause they burn threw weed, although I love bubs, bongs, and blunts!

  12. That can be argued because when you take hits from a joint, the resin that would be sticking to the inside of your pipe would be sticking to your weed, making future tokes more concentrated. I personally enjoy joints more, but it really does waste alot of grass.

    Make a light bulb vape.
  13. waterfalls/gravity bongs are the best in my opinion for conserving weed. plus they don't taste like shit when you hit them.
  14. Don't smoke a 1/4 in 1-2 days.
  15. id say a bong but i think id be wrong.
  16. smoke outta a spoon or piece
    j's burn alot of weed but get u super faded but u get just as faded with a piece (bong,spoon,pipe):smoking:
  17. this guy speaks the truth. a decent vape will go through about 1/2 the weed a bong will.

    second step is to take it easy with the weed. granted i have no right to judge, but going through a 1/4 every day or every two days is no way to go through life man.
  18. A Quat will usually last me about 2 weeks rather then 2 days :eek:
  19. well i smoke j's and i smoke about 1-2 grams a day.
    Do you think thats to much?
  20. "too much" can only be defined by yourself. for me and my current life situation (gf, job, school, dog, family, etc.), 1-2 grams/day is "too much". for some people 1-2 grams suits their lifestyle just fine. you just need to take a step back and evaluate your priorities in life, ask if they are being met accordingly, and go from there.

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