How to Make an Argument: volume 2

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  1. if you can hide the "fuck you" well enough in your sentences you will be more persuasive. whoever can hide it best without saying it wins the argument.
  2. I just normally type out one big thing that seems like a thought out reply with counter points but really it's just one giant FUCK YOU...... most people don't seem to notice the difference tbh.
  3. Gonna need some examples here
  4. If you argue over the internet you've already lost. That is my philosophy.
  5. Rarely do arguments turn into agreements, anywhere. Period
  6. I think theres one thing we can agree on......

    [ame=""]Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock - YouTube[/ame]

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    I think this is a bad way of going about an argument, you're just trying to insult the other person subliminally so you can feel better about your own argument or what?

    2 more things I think that should be added to the make an argument thread

    8. Make sure the other person understands the argument you are trying to make and isn't arguing something completely different.

    9. If possible, find sides of the argument you agree upon and work from there (find common ground)
  8. ^ nah better to alienate them and use language they won't understand
  9. cross dressing used to be cool?

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