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How to make a successful weed transaction

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Saulg1991, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I see a lot of people talking about getting ripped off, scammed, tricked into an unfair deal or sale, here are some genreal rules you should follow, when dealing with a marijuana salesman.

    1.CHECK OUT THE PRODUCT BEFORE YOU BUY. Verify potency and price. This is very important to ensure you don't get ripped off. Don't flash any cash until they flash the green.

    2.If they have a scale(which would be a prefered situation). Ask that they weigh out any bill of your choice (1,5,10,20) which will weigh a gram exactly. If it does not weigh that, ask that they callbrate the scale, or put it on level surface.

    3.Do not send any unexperienced users to buy the weed, this is a bad idea, if you are all inexpirienced, talk to people before you even consider buying bud.

    feel free to add any other rules or suggestions, these are just basic ones
  2. Ive never felt uncomfortable buying. If you know what you are looking at it is hard to get ripped off.
  3. never, ever ever front money no matter what the situation. a best friend could take your money, buy a bag and say he got beat
  4. the only problem with asking about potency is that as far as the eyes go the person selling will never say "this stuff is only ok" they are always gonna say its as chronic as it comes. So a newbie might have a hard time with that.
  5. If the dealer's smart, he won't bring a scale. You will.
  6. Lol u guys must buy off sketchy ass mother fuckers, ive never had to worry about getting ripped off, unless it was at school but thats just expected so dont buy at school
  7. dont ask ur dealer to weight a bill in front of you,, thats some rediculous shit
  8. Buy from people you trust
  9. Avoid the 5-0.
  10. Is it me, or, Is everyone trying to get popular with these "How-To" please sticky me threads?

    Or am I just burnt out and in a pissy mood?
  11. #11 Blazzin9, Aug 14, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 14, 2008
    I always just buy 1-2g's off of new dealers and if I get what i'm paying for I go from there. I don't buy ounces for the first time buying from a new dealer, that's when your asking for trouble.

    I've never had someone that i've been going to for awhile rip me off, they want to keep their customers.
  12. ur def. right.. its been that way ever since the apprentic forum was opened
  13. I know one thing that I always do is smoke with the guy I'm buying from to confirm the potency and taste. Any self respecting dealer wont mind packing one up so that you can taste the product.

    Plus doing that alows you to know that most likely he isnt a cop. Dont take anything from him or show money. This means that you have the motive to buy just ask the guy to see it and if he minds smoking with you.

    Shit even if he takes it out of your bag atleast you know what your getting before you give him money.

    Another good thing to do is find your one and only Dude Love and only talk to them. The more people you buy from the more chances you have of getting popped or cheated.

    But then again though I have 2 guys I have two guys I talk to One of them gets me the super sticky and the other gets me ok mids. If Mr.Sticky is out i have a fallback guy. I have worked with both of these guys long enough to know that I have nothing to worry about.

    Also always carry your own scale and i dont mean a postal scale it most be a digital scale. You might know that a hanging scale is good but no one else will trust it. I have multiple and i know right where to bend them to get them to hang at rest at 0 and then you put a gram on them and it says 1/2 gram for when I'm buying and another scale that will say 2 grams with the same amount.


  14. I feel the same way,
    I also hate when people say the words like "to all you apprentice tokers"
    like we have ranks or something, its cannabis, not a class system
    of course this is my 4th day of an unavoidable t-break so that might be it
    (no cash)
  15. nigge... who would sell weed with a hanging scale lol.. i would look at the dude tryinig to weigh it out and just laugh in his face

  16. Thats why all mine are rigged .. But I do know alot os stupid people who thing that postal scales are ok to use when in a pinch

    Shit when i was 10 i was happy to use one
  17. Bring a gun

  18. Bahaha, always come strapped.
  19. I found that after I had been smoking for about 2 years or so I didn't need a scale to tell me if it was right or not.

    If you buy the same amount everytime for a while you just learn to feel how heavy it is. Even if it is a tighter bud or if it is fluffy.
  20. 4) never front money for weed. 9/10 times you'll never see your money or the bud ever again.

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