how to make a slider for my homemade bong

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  1. I'm 18 in 12th gr. I still live with my mom. She doesn't know i smoke. The closest headshop to me is an hr away and i don't have a car. So don't tell me to go buy one. My friend was at hershy park last week and when i went to her house me this cup and said she thought i would like it. I have a socket i can use as a bowl but besides a plastic pen and marker i cant think of anything to use for a slide.

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  2. just use something plastic

    I mean with that setup you're bound to get cancer anyways
  3. Thanks. I would love to die of cancer :D
    I found a guy to sell me a bowl pipe an i found metal parts for my bong. But thank you for your help dick face. :p
  4. Dude that makes for a shitty bong, at least use a normal bottle... Plastic sucks ass.
  5. Idk if ur gonna read this but I just used the stem from one of those grill lighters? I actully gave it to a friend but imma make a new one and post pics of it.. Ill show u the stuff to use though



    "This thing" is called a PEX just gp to ur local hardware store and make sure u get the right size... After u get the PEX and the lighter taken apart just shove the PEX in the BOTTEM part of the lighter tube thing... WORKS AMAZING all in all this cost me only 5 dollars as I got the lighter for free

  6. evidently so, maybe you don't want to die of cancer but you clearly aren't opposed to it based on what you're smoking from

    I mean acrylic bongs are even gross to smoke out of and those are made to be smoked from. Plastic bottles like the one you're using aren't even intended to be left in sunlight or heated (even slightly) cause of BPA

    but to each his own. I mean I'm down with homemades, but just get a hard alcohol bottle (hell, even any bottle that's glass), a glass drillbit, a nice glass downstem and a bowlpiece

    even a glass downstem and shitty $5 bowlpiece would amount to no more than $15 and it's leagues healthier
  7. just go buy one
  8. What i do is gut an expo marker as the downstem and a trumpet mouthpiece works as good bowl that slides
  9. OP, scarp that POS and start over man. Thats my advice.
  10. Use a carrot or cucumber with a bowl cut out. Works fine for me and I usually only smoke out of higher end glass pieces.

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