How To make A sig Banner??

Discussion in 'General' started by IGetHi2Sublime, May 18, 2006.

  1. Were can i got to make a good sig banner?
  2. Adobe Photoshop, OR post in the "Artist's Corner" and some artists from GC would be glad to make you one..
  3. First, you need to go to 5464 Prancing deer rd., in austin texas. At that adress is a pawnshop. Tell the owner the passcode (oogles), he will give you a fair ticket. Go to the local fair, and ride the ferris wheel, in compartment #7 of the ferris wheel, under the seat cushion, will be a small silver box. Take this box to the Dalai Lama in Tibet. He will train you spiritually and mentally for 5 months in order to give you the willpower to burst open the box. In the box will be a paper with an adress. This adress is where you will fight your final battle, but first you need the proper equipment. You must have a mithril vest, with at least 1 ruby, 1 emerald, and 1 diamond encrusted in it. You'll have to find a sword on your own, I cant help you there. Once you have aquired the necessary equipment, go to the adress on the paper. The entity you will deal with will ask you a riddle, ANSWER IT WRONG. If you answer correctly you will die on the spot and your soul will be torn to shreds forever.
    If you get past the riddle, an enormous battle will insue. Upon defeating your opponent, you must cut open his gut, inside his stomach is a floppy disk with the necessary info on how to make your sig.
  4. thats fucking nuts man, thats a hell of a story, couldnt imagine reading the whole thing stoned ot would probably be pretty magical, where do you think shit like that up

  5. Heh, I was on adderall, and had just smoked a bowl :D
    I was waiting for someone to notice it :smoke:
  6. yeah, adderall will doit to ya, my friend took it before chem class and was like bugging out he looked at me and was like " do i look weird" and i was like you look like a fucking psycho
  7. woah... i need some of your drugs :smoke:
  8. Decided to only quote a bit to conserve forum space. If it wouldn't make my sig too big I would have deff used this. Pure jokes dude. +Rep

  9. :D thanks!

  10. LMAO:laughing: Thats like dungeons(sp) and drangons or somethin man. haha good shit?:smoking:
  11. I'm stoned out of my head right now and that shit cracked me up :D

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