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How to make a piece/pot slider/downpipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by stuntpilot, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. I'm not sure what they're called, but I call it a piece. I'm talking about the part where you put the weed in a bong, and take it out. I don't know what it's called, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to make one? It doesn't have to be authentic, I don't care what it's made out of, if you have any tips to make one, reply. I'm trying to make a steamroller, and also a grav. So it'd be helpful if you could tell me how to make a piece. Thank you!
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    wow dude, that was extremely vague. if u want to make a bubbler/bong search youtube "how to make a waterbottle bong" for the gravity, search "how to make a sobe waterfall" it says its a sobe waterfall, but it can also be used as a gravity if u have a bucket. hope i helped

    EDIT: and the part that u take out to clear ur bong is called a slide or slider. the downpipe is what the slide sits in.

    EDIT: btw, how long have u been toking for? just curious :hello:
  3. yer man no problem. most common are sockets (socket wrench kit) or u can buy the cone pieces at a headshop. another common method is to make tin foil into a bowl and put it in there with a hole in the bottom. another is a coke bottle lid or any other lid and make a hole in the bottom. when u have the hole its a good idea to unreel a paper clip and put it in the bottom there to so no weed falls through it. hope this helps
  4. Haha, well I think i know the basics on making a gravity bong, but I just need to know how to make the small piece where you put the weed and light it. I mean I don't have money to buy any good shit to make it, so I'll need to make it out of something, like for a waterbottle bong my friend made, he used the cap, put a hole in it, and put tin foil over it. I need something like that, but I don't know if that would work with a steamroller, I know how to make the piece for the grav though. So I'm basically just wondering about the steamroller one.
  5. yeah this helps, thanks! but how do you think i could use this stuff on a steamroller? like i'm not sure tin foil will work well enough on it, and idk how i would keep a coke lid on the tube, i guess the socket might work, but it's kinda hard for me to find haha
  6. the socket is definetly the way to go. even if u dont have one right this minute, u should wait until u find one. ur bong will be a million times better, and its also eiser to use as a slide.
    i suggest making a carb if u cant figure out how to make the slide airtight.
  7. thanks for the help!
  8. use the search button, there are a ton of threads about making homemade pieces, and you'll probably have better luck there.

    an awesome one is to take a large size peanut butter jar, or an empty CD stack case, and pop two holes in the top. stick a pen tube in one, or some rubber tubing, and in the other side, use your socket. if you aren't airtight, some already chewed gum makes an awesome and cost effective sealant.
  9. np, about the socket hes right but getting ur hands on one maybe a little dificult depending on where you live etc. as i said if u need a emergency one use a lid or allumnium foil but these arnt good long term options
    there only 2 dollars at headshops here so thats where i get mine.
    seal it with gum or blue tac (stuff u use to put posters on wall)
    u can use a hose as the pipe to stick it in or hollow out a large pen

    invest in a glass bong eventually though man, best decision of my life and you can get a good one for pretty cheap (30-50) dollers
  10. Hollow out a highlighter then hollow out a sharpe. Put the socket in the sharpe and secure it with tape, glue, hot glue. Then put tape around the other side of the sharpe then it should be slid in side the high lighter. And now you have a slide. :hello:

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