How to make a one hitter?

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  1. Hey guys title saids it all im wondering how do you make a homemade one hitter thanks
  2. Why? You don't have $5 to take to a LHS and buy one?
  3. Because he wants to?
    I'd honestly just YouTube stuff, I'm not frankly sure how but best of luck to you!
    (And where I live, 1 hitters are 15-20$, shit around he isn't too cheap sadly)
  4. Im sorry maybe you haven't known going to college and having a minimum wage job and having a child keeps you very low on cash that 5$ will be me and my girlfriend and my daughters dinner.
  5. Oh please, but you can afford weed?
  6. yes i could go own with my life story if you really wanted but i get free bud
  7. That sucks ;o Those little 1 hitters that look like cigarettes are $5 at my LHS
  8. Actually life stories are very interesting to me, so tbh I would enjoy reading it if you don't mind writing it. My first post wasn't meant to be rude, although I guess it kinda was.
  9. I apologize also then. But ill tell a brief story I was in highschool etc doing w/e to get buy was selling a bit but not growing just making some meant my girlfriend was a junior we dated untill now. But around the end of are senior year she told me she was pregnant. Had the child it was are beautiful girl isabella. Also we smoked quite a bit but once my gf was pregnant she stopped and hasn't done it since my uncle grows and sells and sometimes he gives me like ounces to sell and i don't make much money from it but i get free bud bills paid etc. I go to community college atm studying to become a game developer and just thats pretty much it
  10. I made an entire dugout for the hell of it and it ended up coming out nicer then some that I've seen in shops. It's kind of cool using something that you made with your bare hands (and a few power tools thanks to my fathers shop). I can see where you're coming from in wanting to make something yourself.
  11. Made so many... Just pick up a random stick. I've used a dremel, drill... it's all the same.
  12. one of the easiest things to make into a one hitter is a tire gauge that is two sided to let air out and also take the pressure. You use a knife or coin to open the two heads and spill the guts out of it and the take the long metal stem off of the heads and take out the plastic pressure gauge. you make sure you take out everything possible and then put the stem back where it goes. then you put a screen into the one head end so the stem is sticking up in the air and put both pieces that you screwed off back on. the carb is the bottom part that was screwed off to gut out but it does get hot if you hold the lighter too long. works very well if made properly and is very ghetto looking. happy toking :smoke:
  13. 1.Go to walmart and buy or find a zebra pen, first atatchment
    2. fully disassemble, make sure you get all the plastic out
    3. you are left with the metal tip and metal barrel, second atatchment
    4. stick the tip into the barrel small hole first, fyi the tip is the bowl
    5. smoke weed :smoke::smoke::smoke:

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