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How to make a mute

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by marmalade, May 17, 2009.

  1. Hey all. I wanted to post how to make a mute, which is like a sploof, but it works WAY better in my experience. (Although it costs a bit of money) I wasnt the person who made this up, but I haven't seen it anywhere else so I thought I'd post it.

    1. First go to the store with some cash. Buy a few inches of PVC piping that fits around your mouth and it big enough for you to breath into easily.
    2. Next go to the hardware store and buy refill cartridges for paint or dusk masks. These cost like $20 dollars for a pack of two.
    3. Then you needs to glue or tape your PVC pipe onto one of the cartridges. Make sure its airtight.

    Sorry about these directions, there a little vague, but once you get everything you need, you'll see its pretty easy to assemble. It's used the same way as a sploof, just blow your smoke into it, and change the cartridge once its gets all brown and resin-y.
  2. Yeah for indoor / odorless smoking this sounds like it would be a worthy investment. I wonder how a small carbon filter might work on the end of it? Anyone know if that's what the filters in those cartridges use?
  3. Yeah, if I were to invest in something like this, I would simply buy carbon filters, cut them up and stuff them inside the pipe.
  4. Idk if its cuz im stoned or what but I dont understand at all... Are you like talking about those things that have compressed air that you spray shit with and people like to inhale the nitrous or what?

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