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how to make a homemade vape?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iloveyoumore, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I don't wanna waste money on a freaking 50~300 dollar vaporizor. is there a way for me to make one at home without having to boil water, or using a light bulb? anything thats like house hold. btw ive never gotten high before. Ive smoked weed, but never gotten high. Im a junior in high school, yes im 18 and i wanted to smoke without my parents catching me cuz theyre gonna be home all weekend and im not brave enough to go anywhere so i was thinkin while theyre sleepin and vapes arnt that smelly, so ive read. Any tips?
  2. no..just smoke
  3. The Crack/Vape pipe works well for a couple times, but it's really hard to judge the heat so, most of the time you end up buring the weed and failing at creating a vaporizer.
  4. light buld vapes work i've made one before. Also i use a glass cigar holder and that gets me pretty baked. Idk just smoke
  5. just make a sploof, open a window and smoke. your parents won't smell a thing.
  6. just buy a vaperstar to stick on your bong, they are like $35-40 and work pretty well.
  7. Care to explain how it is a waste of money to buy a vape? Assuming you get a quality vape it will save you money in the long run and do it's job very well. If you don't want to spend a ton of money the vaporgenie is your cheapest option but not the most efficient; and the Magic Flight Launch Box which is tiny, odorless, and efficient.

  8. maybe you didn't realize you were high?

    possibly..i don't know if you can do this but..leave the house and smoke? could make a light-bulb vape but they are fragile and its hard to control the temp..all that lighter flicking will probably wake them up..could use a candle(hold it 3 inches above the flame)

    if your really serious about a vaporizer its defiantly worth the comfort and convenience
  9. lol, afraid of going out somewhere? doubt your 18 tbh
  10. i am 18, ive just been a goody goody most of my life and i just found out that one of my best friends have been smoking for 3 years now, so i decided to try it. And its practically my first time since the first time i didnt get high... and im really paranoid when it comes to weed... so i need to vape or somethin... and for the light bulb, im afraid that i wont get all the poison off and that i mite break glass and kill my hand or somethin o_O im not a daring person, just curiuos
  11. make something out of an apple,water bottle, anything and just blow the smoke out a sploof :rolleyes:
  12. @ OP - This is off topic, but you sound just like someone I know.

    Anyway, just eat the weed.
  13. Lol don't eat it... assuming your parents rooms aren't too close to yours, smoke in your room and blow it out the window with a sploof.
  14. Haha clam bake your sheets in your room its kinda like a small filter, by morning you can't smell a thing.
  15. There's the possibility to use a heat gun instead of a lighter, but it is very loud so you won't be able to use it while your parents are sleeping.
    Just turn the lighter flame to low and hold it away from the bowl and inhale slowly. If you're good enough you should be able to do it.
    Not a good solution in the long run though because you are inhaling all that butane.
  16. your a junior in high school and your 18? ?
  17. The only one I know about is the lightbulb. But it's not worth it, someone was using it in a session one day I was like "are you smoking crack wtffff" they're gross. Just buy one
  18. Eat a dryer sheet before you smoke, so that when you exhale you will be stealth
  19. Empty coffee can. Make a dent on the bottom of the inside so that the weed has somewhere to sit. Make a whole in the lid and put a straw in it. Use a lighter and hold it under the can for a bit *not touching the can but below it. If you burn the bottom the weed it will melt inside the can and taste nasty.* when inhaling lift the lid a tiny bit on one side to get some airflow.

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