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How To Make a Homemade Electric Tattoo Gun-

Discussion in 'Tattoo, Piercings and Body Art' started by sCaKmY, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Hello guys, Im an art buff, always have been, always will be, but i discovered Tattoo's. I have some, and have done tons, Ive drawn designs for people, and done it myself. Now, before i get any lectures about how I shouldnt be giving this info out, Hear me out. Ive been doing Tattoo's for a 2 years now, since I was 16, and i DO own a professional Tattoo Gun. But this design works wonders, and costs nearly nothing to make, and its electric too!


    What you will need-

    A Toothbrush- Cheapo Oral-B ones work best
    A Ballpoint Pen
    An Electric Motor- Take one of out an old CD Player, the part that spins the CD works wonders
    Tape-Teflon tape is good to use, but cover it up with Electrical or another tape.
    Guitar String-The second skinniest string
    Pencil Eraser
    Adaptor-anyone that you can afford to loose(Nokia Cellphone chargers are great)


    It helps to use parts that will work correctly together IE. parts from the same pen, the Ink tube and Ball-Point Metal Tip will work better and the project will go alot smoother.

    Detailed Instructions

    1. Get the toothbrush, CUT THE BRISTLES OFF!!!! and heat it up with a lighter where it transitions to the skinnier part, bend it so it makes a 7 shape. This is your "Frame" for the gun.

    2. Get your Pen, The ballpoint pens that are a small piece of metal that sticks out work best, BIC Pens suck for this. Get a File, and carefully file it so the ball-point comes out. There should be a little hole that looks like you can get a needle through there.

    3. To Get your CLEAN INK TUBE, just snip the upper portion of your ink tube that you took off the pen, Its gotta be clean or your gonna have a messy Needle/Guitar string. You will only need about 3/4 Inch to 1 Inch.

    4. The little Ball-Point Metal Piece should now fit into the Clean Ink Tube pretty well, it should basically resemble the whole Pen/Ink part, just about an inch long. Take this and with the shell from the pen, affix it to the Tip. MAKE SURE IT IS STILL HOLLOW WHEN ATTACHED. I personally Melt it on a little, but be careful as you can ruin it that way VERY EASY!!

    Now you should have a frame, and a Wierd lookin pen.

    5. Take your little "Motor" and put the Pencil Eraser as close as you can to the center of it. Basically put the point of the Motor in the middle of the Eraser.

    6. Affix the motor to the Frame that you made with the toothbrush. Not sure how? See The pictures.

    7. Now, this part I have the hardest time with. Get your guitar string, and cut about a 6-7 inch section, make it longer than you need, you can always cut off, but not put back on. Now, on one end of the string, bend it at a 90 Degree angle. Put the Guitar String in the Metal Ball-Point first, it is hard to get it in from the Top of the pen, Dont Bend the string before you put it in or you WILL be playing hell getting it in. Put the BENT end of the guitar string into the ERASER, MOUNT IT OFF CENTER, put it almost near the edge This is crucial in proper operation of the device.

    8. Power- Get your adaptor and put the wires on to the "Motor" Wires. Make sure the bare wires arent touching, but thats common sense and the easy part of this project.
    Your Guns pretty much done, I left out the steps of attaching the Pen to the frame because its pretty easy
    Heres a Tip tho, Make sure its straight with the "Motor" As you can see, in mine, I put the metal eraser holder there to prop it up. But that depends on how you make it, and what materials you use.

    Sorry about the pics, the guns kinda small, and the camera didnt get the details, ill try to post some better ones, i was in a hurry when i took em~!


    Remember, when giving a tattoo, you gotta wipe and wipe it off, Bic Pen ink doesnt wipe at ALL, it just smears
  2. Is it possible to get ink poisoning from using a ball point pen?
  3. im not quite sure on how to answer that question, although i have never heard/experienced ink poisoning, ive heard about it. its pretty rare, from what i know, and would take lots of ink to do the trick. for small things, usually done by yourself, ink poisoning isnt a huge issue, seeing as your not using mass amounts of "unapproved" ink

    I also forgot to mention above

    that "version" of tat gun really should only be used for lining, filling with a needle that size would not only take a long time, but be pretty shitty. the homemade tat gun up there makes GREAT lines and letters
  4. Awesome!
  5. Can you psot some pics of some Tats you have done with that>?
  6. i just made one of those 2 weeks ago
    the ink came out but i still have the gun for scarification reasons

  7. ive only done tats on other people with these, but ill try and track someone down with one, ive done a couple tribals that turned out really well, ive also sold a couple of these for a half eigth and a pair of rockford fosgate 12'' subs, lol

    only tats that ive done on myself are on my right arm, lol, im left handed, and its the easiest place to tat yourself
  8. nice work dude :cool:
    what about needles?

    peace out
  9. not too interested in tattoos looks like your conraption there would work though
  10. Tattoos, prison style. lol
  11. lol, prison style, :p
  12. Tight....my Homeboy Did My Tattoo With A Gun Kinda Like That
  13. how do u hook the charger to the motor?
  14. LOL ive never seen a thread like this before.....hahaha on a weed forum.......good shit.......

  15. lol, its easy, just cut off the charger part that goes into the phone, and there is 2 wires, split them apart, and put one wire on each wire on the motor, simple as that, use a little electrical tape and make sure the bare wires dont touch.
  16. i took out my motor from cd player and made the toothbrush thing and taped it blh blah...now i need to know what to do with my wires i have a white and black one i took from nokia charger and i cant smelt them where the cd wire were what do i do??tape them on the metal or what i dont want to shock my self

  17. You realise this thread is over 2 years old? Doubt you're going to get a reply from the TS.
  18. Fuck sharpies, next time a friend passes out with their shoes on, they're going to get a tattoo of a dick on their face.

    It's classier that way.

  19. Lol...

    These are all horrible ideas, and I would never do them on myself.. on others, sure :p

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