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how to make a homemade 2liter bubbler

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by brownj, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. no diss please if i hada a camera i would have video taped me making one but this shoudl give u the idea of what im talking about

    tin can
    2-liter bottle
    uhm i dont know what size but a little bit on the small size socket wrench
    paper clip
    something to make the bottle airtight and not to leak (i used sheetrock)
    BIC pen just take off the ends
    duct tape (i used tin foil lookin tape) lol

    step one----

    take apart ur pic pen u chew at one end to make the opening wider than it was before then take ur tin can and cut it into a triangular peaice then roll it up to where one side your socket wrench can fit into it put the socket wrench in it then put the duct tape around the tin leave the bottom part about 1cm showing of the tin if u notice the bottom will fit into the part of the bic pen ill explain how to use it later....

    step two----

    take your paper clip and unfold it then grab your two liter bottle mark about a 1/4 way up this is where ur gonna make a hole big enough to fit the pic pen into it but keep the hole as small as u can to fit the bic pen into it... heat your paper clip up hit enough to melt plastic then make ur hole and make sure the pic pen fits in it....

    step three----

    take your sheet rock gum etc..... (sheetrock works the best in my opion) put a little water on it so u can mold it now remember ur pic pen is already in the 2 liter bottle so take your sheet rock and put it around the pen sorta like a volcano lol just to seal off the hole so no air gets out or water when u did that take your tape and tape the bic pen at about about a 155 degree angle so its not laying just poking out the side then once you do that make sure ur sheetrock is tight to the bic pen....

    usage :)

    take ur tin with the socket wrench inside of it and place it on the pic pen hole that you chewed on side and put it on there so fill it up about 1/2 way with water put the bud in the socket wrench light and suck on the top of the two liter bottlle it shoudl start to bubble and fill up with smoke and when u wana take your hit just take the tin slider off and take ur hit :)

    no diss its hard to explain in words
  2. Pictures help more than anything homeboy.
  3. we smoke weed man
    this shit looks too complicated not to have pictures
  4. Hahaha wooord.

    Stoners learn with pictures! :D
  5. step 1: buy a bowl
    step 2: smoke weed

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