HOW TO: Make a home-made perculated bong! (IN 10 EASY STEPS)

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  1. First, you are going to need your ingredients;

    1. 3 of the exact same bottles (water bottles or 2 Liter pop bottles work best)
    2. Scissors
    3. Lighter
    4. Strong tape
    5. Glass (or other material) downstem
    6. Glass (or other material) bowl
    7. Grommet to hold downstem/bowl in place

    Now, for the process...

    Step 1: Cut bottle #1 just above the label (just before it starts to bend upwards) and keep that part

    Step 2: Cut bottle #2 just before the bottom of the bottle (so it is still a cylinder) and keep the bigger part

    Step 3: Take the cap off bottle #3 and put the remains of bottle #1 on top of bottle #3 and tape together.

    Step 4: Poke/burn holes into bottle #1 about in the middle of where it bends upwards

    Step 5: Take bottle #2 and slide it over both bottle #3 and #1 so it is past the holes in bottle #1

    Step 6: Tape bottle #2 on.

    Step 7: Burn a hole close to the bottom of your new bong (for the bowl)

    Step 8: Put the grommet in the hole then put your downstem and bowl in.

    Step 9: Fill the top with water through the top of the bong/bottle (make sure the water level is just over all the holes)

    Step 10: Fill the bottom threw the hole you burnt for your downstem. Make sure the downstem is under the water level. ENJOY!!!

    [ame=""]YouTube - Perc Sesh[/ame]

    This is a video of me and Afro Samuri hitting my home-made perc. I used three 2L pop bottles and made a 100 hole diffusor in the perc.
  2. the 2 liter bong has hugge fucking chambers good job :hello:+rep
  3. Yeah man, its a beast. Takes like 3 full breaths to clear.

    Its loads of fun though, and gets me hella ripped.
  4. are u 18 dude? idk judging by the sploof, gangsta hoodie and pudgy babyhands i have my suspicions :wave:

    but pretty sweet

  5. I am actually 19 years old man.

    The "gangsta hoodie" would be my buddy Afro Samuri.

    I'm the one with the Marley shirt on.

    And yes, I still live with my parents so, I need to use a sploof because they do not approve of me smoking in the house.
  6. someone get this man a few 20 oz...
  7. Lol, what?
  8. lack of clearage. just messin with ya though. i make them outa 2 liters too. some hits are harder to clear than others.
  9. That video was also made after a full day of smoking.

    But fuck man, its pretty hard to clear with all that room in the chamber.. especially milking it up all the way then trying to..
  10. I love to see new tut's like this :)
  11. oh no, i understand bro. i was just fuckin with you. but hey if you stumble upon 25 oz bottles, they are perfect.
  12. just an idea but cut off just enough of the top of the two liter bottle that you can rap some tape around it and get a bigger cushioned hole to suck from (like an actual bong!). This should help you clear it a lot better. :smoke:
  13. Very good idea. I`m definetly going to do this to mine.
  14. cool lets see a revised video when its done
  15. Its a bit to late to make a new vid tonight but i`ll be sure to make one tomorrow.

  16. haha you said but fuck
  17. lmao.
  18. bump for the morning peeps
  19. the vid doesnt work.... i wanna see!
  20. i deleted it off my youtube account.

    here it is,

    [ame=""]PercSesh.flv video by cheefindoja - Photobucket[/ame]
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