How to make a film, by Quentin Tarantino.

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  1. 1) Watch many different films from obscure directors/countries/genres. Spend a year doing this.

    2) Write down the things I thought were kewl.

    3) Copy all of them exactly and combine these into one script which I will write.

    4) Pad out script with words "fuck" and "******".


    6) Make film. Remember to close up on woman's feet to please my fetishism.

    7) Profit; gain adoration of millions of budding film students/pop culture scenesters.

    8) Repeat. Copy ideas from previous film.

    Can we all agree that this guy sucks?
  2. No. No we can not
  3. Can I ask who you think is a good director? Btw everyone copies everyone at least QT does it with style and makes some bad ass films.
  4. He made so many good films, Kill Bill sucked though i fucking hated that trilogy.
  5. He's made some legendary films but he also has some pretty awful ones, the grind house thing was fucking retarded
  6. Honestly I'd have to say his first film was his best. I loved Reservoir Dogs.

    Pulp Fiction ain't too shabby either.

    Personally I thought the opening scene of Inglorious Bastards was one of the single best and most intense movie scenes I have ever seen.

  7. I believe that was 90 percent the brain child of Robert Rodriguez
  8. Akira kurosawa, Coen brothers, terrence malick etc
  9. hell no grindhouse movies are a classic. I remember being high as FUCK the first time i saw death proof and it changed my life, i smoked again and saw planet terror and once again the ground my feet walk on was shook.

    You dont even wanna know how baked i got for machette
  10. [quote name='"StoneRage"']He made so many good films, Kill Bill sucked though i fucking hated that trilogy.[/quote]

    The third one isn't out yet
  11. I'd like to see OP write and direct a better movie than Inglorious Basterds or Resevior Dogs.

    If it so fucking easy.
  12. Its hard to compare anyone to Akira Kurosawa, man.
  13. The guide I wrote would allow anyone to make a movie just as good as Tarantino's.

    didn't you read it
  14. I like number five.

  15. YES the first time I saw death proof was probably the highest Ive ever been!!! It was one hell of an experience, one I will never forget lol.

  16. I watched them sober. Every movie is good high dude, he reinforced his car and locked people in his passenger seat and ran into walls and shit to kill them lol

  17. oh word lol I thought it was, my bad. but you get my point.

  18. Not exactly true you can make a bad movie fun while high though. By ripping the shit out of it. I saw the Wolfman remake and being high did not save the movie.

    As to the actual topic I think Tarantino is great Inglorious Basterds is awesome and Pulp Fiction is legen-- wait for it....

  19. I once thought about this... I think if anybody else made these films or if he wouldnt advertise them and publish under an alias nobody would watch it like it ... at least thats what it feels like to me... its like everybody is like: dude this film is awesome... and when you ask why they say "cuz its by tarantino duuuude" i dislike most of his films
  20. Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds, True Romance, Natural Born Killers, Kill Bill 1 & 2.

    Yeah, QT sucksss. :rolleyes:

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