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How To Make A Fake Weed?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Yafeelsogood, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Hello.

    I'm not trying to sell fake weed or anything.

    Well my parents took my stash and they don't know if it is weed (they think its chewing tobacco) and I found out they still have my stash hidden.
    There are one big ass nugget and small shakes in a ziplock bag.

    I'm trying to replace it with some other plant and I need a suggestion on how to make a fake weed?

    Some people say oregano or catnip works well but how do I dry these stuff so that it looks like weed?
  2. They think it's chewing tobacco? Is it... brown?? :confused:
  3. Take a stem and glue oregano to it I did this once as a joke to my friend. I made legit oregano nugs looked just like it too. Don't smoke it though.

  4. No just a plain green-yellow weed with no hair follicles but my parents never saw a bud in real life so they assume it's some sort of tobacco.

    Dried or Fresh oregano?

    I just bought a bushel of parsley and some fresh pack of oregano (already got dried oregano at home). Can I microwave it to dry?
  5. throw it in the oven on like warm for an hour or so.^^^
  6. desperate motha fucka lol
  7. Just go buy more weed?

  8. No can do. He just spent his cash on the above. :eek: :smoke:
  9. Take the big leave the shake
  10. "Honey, this tobacco has been replaced with herbs and spices"
  11. Cut some real grass and form it into a ball that looks like a nug and let it dry ripped a few dumbasses off doin this (for pay back not just to be a dick)
  12. parsely and oregano look just like it just use whatever adhesive you want to make it look like a nug.

    I was in the same situation as you and it worked.
  13. So I'm curious.
    Why buy stuff to replace weed with when you could have bought like, y'know..more weed?

  14. cause, y'know, assorted spices are gonna be significantly cheaper than bud.
  15. That's hard to believe that your parents don't know the smell or look of weed. I honestly think you want to go rip someone off.

    Maybe some moss would work.
  16. I read somewhere that someone took some dry oregano, spread it across a pan and sprayed hair spray on it. Then he like clumped it together and let it dry.

    Not positive it would work, but it sounds plausible.
  17. how do you figure?? if someone doesnt smoke weed, or look for it or have ever tried it or smelled it how would you know? not every single adult is going to know what every single thing in the world is... let alone a "drug" and what they typically look like. especially when alcohol was much more popular when his parents were around, and weed was MUCH more frowned upon by america and there were alot less tokers then compared to now

    by the way op u should just use some grass or oregano and take that big nug, shake is gonna be worthless. and how old are you op
  18. Well if your 18, you should walk into their room and just take it back. You bought it with your money, so its technically stealing. Unless ur one of those, "hey mom, i'm going to the movies. Can i have a 20?" kids.
  19. parsley& oregano with some lemon juice and resin so it has somewhat of a weed smell ,just put enough parsley so that it would look dry and clump up

  20. Lemon??

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