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How to make a bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. Has anyone ever tried to make a bong out of a beer bottle? Could you eeven do it? All it would take would be to melt a hole in the side and drop a slid in it. Would a propane cutting torch get hot enough to melt a small hole.

    I think there is a project in this for the BPP!
  2. No but I got one made out of a corona bottle in canada, seems easy to make. Just a slide in the side and a rubber riing closing the gap. Hits like mad.
  3. Hey Poppa...I've made a few bongs from liquor bottles. I got some drill bits for glass and drilled a whole for my stem and then drilled a hole for my carb. I had to use a rubber grip to hold the stem in place but you could use a sealant...I just prefer to be able to remove it when I want.

    Making bongs is fun!!!!
  4. ive done these as gifts =)
    go to homedepot or another hardware store and pick up a glass drill bit and some rubber washers. drill the hole in the side and use the rubber washer to make an airtight seal around the stem. just suck on the top of the bottle where you would normally drink from and youre set to go.
    heres a hint...if you need a nice looking bottle for a girl use one of them frapachino drinks, it looks small and elegant =) all the girls i gave it to love it
  5. i made one out of a icehouse bottle. i made a hole in the top actually and stuck a hose in it too. it definitely will work just experiment with it.
  6. i made one from a snapple rain bottle once. wrapped it in tape, took a sharp piece of metal, and a hammer. a couple good whacks with the hammer pushed the metal thing through (i don't know what it was... but it was pointy and tapered). the tape kept the glass from shattering, and i sealed it with wax (i used a long stem) from a candle. it was pretty crude, but it got the job done :D
  7. B.P.P. gimme a couple of minutes and i'll post a pic of one i've got using a mimi bud can take the fitting anywhere with you and it fits allmost all beer bottles.....Peace out....Sid
  8. here's the guts of it....Peace out....Sid

    Attached Files:

  9. it's basically just a long piece of stainless with a typical bong fitting on top...and a rubber cork tapered to fit most bottles with a smaller bit of stainless flush with the bottom of the cork and sticking out approx 1 cm from the top of it.....attached to it is a piece of flexi tube.....good for going to the pub with.....Peace out....Sid
  10. ive got one of the exact same bongs. go to any science supplies store and pick up a rubber stopper with 2 holes in the top, stick one straw on each end and stick it inside a bottle for an instant bong
  11. i had the coolest glass vase, and i tried to drill hole in the side, and the edges of the hole started to get red, and then the whole vase exploded in my face, so i wont do that again...
  12. I imagine to drill glass you'd have to have it in a variable speed drill....i'd say a very sharp drill bit and a rpm of approx 40rpm's....and very little pressure in a pillar drill locked in a vice with pads on the jaws and a lot of cutting fluid...still a very delicate operation....Peace out....Sid

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