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How to make a bong slider?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Bermuda, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. So shit last night i was transporting my bong from house to house, next thing i know sliders all busted up, rip to that nice slider but where can i get a new one without having to get a whole new bong or can somone tell me how to make a bong slider, all help is appreciated. thanxxxx
  2. Just go to your local headshop. They should have plently of cheap sliders.

    Or if you really want to make one, use a pen hollowed out.

    Just buy some glass bro.
  3. yeah, shit nearest headshop is half hour away n i hate making the trip :(
  4. Yeah dude I feel your pain. My nearest headshop is 45 minutes away. :(
  5. my closest is 30 mins away and there are 3 shops on the same road hah. i pay a friend to drive me up there cuz i dont wanna be paying the gas it takes in my caddy to get up there hah
    yeah i made a few homemade before i got my glass, my shop is only about 15mins away but are expensive they are real nice glass and some of their pieces are hand blown. i got two of my jerome bakers there. but when i did is i had a bowl that i cud detach my bowl from so i took it off and i got a bic pen and used the center piece. i slip that threw the side of the bottle. then i put tin foil folded in pen around the edges of the pen then placed my bowl ontop in the hole so it rests there. (metal on plastic melts and smells) i then held my bowl there by wrapping it around there with tin foil and fastening it with duck tape (tinfoil to not burn duck tape and to let the duck tape hold the tinfoil tight to keep bowl in place). make a hole for carb and your good to go.
  7. well was it glass on glass. was it the downstem or the bowlpiece that broke. if its the downstem, then depending on the size of your old one, a metal slurppee straw from a 7-11 works absolutely perfect, if it was the bowl piece (the part you pull up to clear the chamber) then just spend three bucks on one... they sell them at many gas stations actually. there cheap but will work for the price. just ask the guy at the counter because at all the gas stations around me, they keep like 50 of them individually bubblewrapped in a big bag under the counter
  8. hope that helps at all ^

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