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How to make a Bong out of a Water bottle? Help please

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Paranormal xp, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. I need help how do you make a bong out of a gatorade/ water bottle?
  2. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpD3DsOPXuU"]YouTube - How to Make a Water Bottle Bong[/ame]
  3. It's fairly easy.

    1) Take off wrapping paper, burn two holes with a lighter. 1 in the front, 1 on the side or back.

    2) Do your best to make a bowl out of something(highlighter cap, etc) and attach it to a tube(empty pen, etc) and put the bowl on the end and put the tube through one of the holes.

    3) Put water in, make sure the water level is above the end of the tube.

    4) Put the weed in the bowl, and smoke up.

    Hope that helped, if not there's plenty of tutorials on youtube.
  4. Do u but the weed on top of the tin foil or in it and wouldnt most of the smoke escape
  5. Put* and can you make can weed go stale cuz ive had 3 g in a airtight baggie for 3 weeks and now im going to smoke it and i wanna know if it is still good
  6. Nahh man that shit doesn't go 'stale' but it's good to let it breath for awhile to let out some of the moisture out.
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    I'm actually making one right now.. I wish I was kidding.

    The above information looks.. correct..
    Here are some tips:

    1. Use a clear bottle. Its easier because you can see it chalk, and take that amount of smoke. Because bottles come in different sizes, your "toke time" can be off.

    2. Find a needle, or pin, or something of the sort, and POKE HOLES in the bottom of the pen. (The part that's acting as a downstem) This way, instead of having one BIG Bubble, you have a bunch of little ones. It works as diffuser.

    3. Put the water in the bong BEFORE you make the carb hole with your lighter. This way, you can tilt the bong as put it to your lips (as if you were lighting it).. mark where that levels off, because that's where the water will rise up to.. Put your carb JUST above it.

    EDIT: This is so you can lean back and hit the bong.. You don't need to bend over like drinking out of a water fountain... AND you don't have any water on your new threads.

    4. Don't bother with making a "tin-foil Bowl." It's a major pain. Instead, use the end of the pen.. and FORM A CONE! A tin-foil cone will just slide into the pen, because it has a smaller (but expanding) curcumfrence. Throw your medicine into the cone, and

    5. Enjoy your time.

    When you're done, just PINCH the top of the cone, and it will pull right out. Dispose. No ashes to worry about, no residue.

    Peace and Ganja,
    -Healing Of Nations
  8. The way I made one was very similar to that video that stonerchick showed. Only difference is i put foil on the top of the bottle (the opening) and make an indent for the "bowl". I poke holes in the foil and smoke out of the pen on the side of the bottle. But the video method seems a lot better.
  9. Step 1. Don't do it.
    Step 2. Turn 18 and go to a headshop.
    Step 3. If you are poor or under 18, go buy an apple.
    Step 4. You don't inhale plastic, everybody wins.
  10. waterfall bong is the way to go for homemade
  11. i had made one out of a propel bottle, it worked ok until i got the Roor
  12. i cant believe so many of you are suggesting smoking out of plastic or tin foil. dont do it. get a socket that is small on one side and gets bigger, jam the small side in a pen tube, and theres your stem. fairly safe too. or get a bigger socket that will fit slightly over the pen tube, where you should have to jam it inside, and get a screen from a sink or a earbud and put it in, that way nothing pulls through.

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