How to make a bamboo steamroller (picture guide)

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    Earlier today i smoked out of a small plastic steam roller and i enjoyed it thoroughly. I came home and the thought struck me that i had the technology to make one, bigger, faster, stronger. Heres how i did it.
    I have bamboo stalks in the corner of my room (my house is quite oriental) and ive had them there for probably three years, naturally they were extremely dry, and out of ~15 stalks, only one had not yet split completely down the middle from dryness. The one stalk i had left was extremely dry and a little dusty, but quite hard (damn straight its what she said) and about the right size, about perfect id say.
    The whole thing took a LOT of effort, however, a very nice product. For cutting i used a regular hacksaw which will work fine as long as long as the teeth are spaced close together. Ideally however you would have a table saw or something along those lines and wouldnt have to worry about some of the things i had to do to cut it, including wrapping tape around the cut area (so i have a good comparison of how evenly im cutting).
    As far as drilling goes, i cut the bamboo so its just a hollow tube, leaving one end as a large carb and the other as a mouthpiece. Drilling the bamboo was EXTREMELY DIFFICULT and must be done very carefully or else your whole stalk is ruined! You have to start with a relatively small drill bit, about a size down from the final size you are aiming for, and drill extremely slowly, maybe a roation per second at fastest, just barely shaving away the bamboo, but you need to make sure your drill is reverseable because once the bit goes all the way into the stalk you cant remove it by pulling it out lest your stalk be split.

    Anyways, ill get to the point to help you guys out.

    1. Find a long piece of bamboo (pref. 1-3 in. in diameter and several feet long) and cut it so you only have one section open on both ends (or you can switch it up if you want a different carb or something, imagination is great dont you think?)

    2. Sand it all over, especially at both ends, and make sure not to sand against the grain.

    3. Drill the hole, be CAREFUL this might ruin all your hard work! I had to do this three times before i got the result. My tip is to go very slow, maybe 1 revolution per couple seconds, and when you feel the bit start to break all the way through, STOP, put the drill in reverse and continue until you just keep shaving away at the hole (what kind of weird woman would say that?)

    4. Get a bowl (i just used a socket) and stick it in the hole, light em up.

    4/20: This: [ame=""]YouTube - Bamboo steam roller[/ame]

    I hope the blades approve! :bongin:

    PS. Im soooo sorry its not a picture guide like the title promised, i wasnt thinking when i wrote it and i cant edit it.... i guess if you want you guys can beat the soles of my bare feet with a car antenna...

    PPS. its not really a milkshot or anything, i have a flu, hence the cough.

    PPPS. its name is bambi :metal:
  2. That's a pretty sick steamroller man! +Rep. Very unique, and it looks like it does the job. :smoke:
  3. Thanks man! Im sooo tired but it was sooo worth it, lovin' that sig too!
  4. not to bash ya kid but how old are you? and ya hit the steam roller all wrong broski. all in all it looks like you took bambo piece making and just made it extremely dificult.
  5. I'm almost 19 although i have been told i look young, especially wearing that shirt. I knoowwww i coulda done it better but i have arthritis and after all that sawing i dont exactly compare to cypress fucking hill when it comes to a 38 second long video of me hitting a steam roller :rolleyes:
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    That shirt is awesome.

    Because I have it.

    I may have to try this.

    +rep for thats what she said
  7. that is sick man looks complelty airtight and give fat hoots
  8. i made one a while before and named it panda express haha
  9. I made one of these last summer, It was pretty rad. I'm probably going to make naotyher one this summer and use some of the thins that you did to modify it :)
  10. clear it pussy
  11. cool man , PINK FLOYD!!
  12. where are the pics i dont see them?
  13. Op's mommy removed the video

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