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How to make 0.5g last/ get highest?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zBUDz23, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. What I have:
    - 0.5g Potent weed (high lasts 1 1/2 - 2 hrs.)
    - Bong
    - Grav. Bong
    - 2 pipes
    - Rolling paper

    *I'm home alone all day today, i've gotta clean up the house, enjoy my day off work, etc. but i'm out of cash until i get payed some $$ back. I wanted to know how to get the HIGHEST off of and to make 0.5g last for the rest of the day. (I'm gonna use all of it obviously). I've said all i have to smoke out of (above) so you guys and come up with some ideas.

    **I heard of making a vaporizer from a lightbulb can get you really high but idk how to do it/ know if its true. :confused:

    Thanks GC, i know it's kind of clique of a thing to ask, i'm sorry.
  2. 2 Words.

    Also, try to hold the hits in as long as your lungs can.

  3. That's what I was thinking, but on the other hand it eats up bud REALLY fast, so idk yet. But thanks for the response
  4. Gravity bong. It doesnt really use up your bud that fast,just dont pack gigantic bowls. Only pack enough that you know you can clear in one hit.

  5. Thats true too, I usually back the bowl to the brim (i guess its called) haha. thanks both of you.
  6. I would take snaps(one hit bowls) in your bong. Thats what im doin today.

  7. Whats that?
  8. Tobacco and weed in your bong....Pure filth, that's what they are.
  9. make some cannabutter, eat it on ramen noodles = high all day

  10. i second this motion ;) haha:smoke::smoke:

  11. This guy knows whats up. Hold that shit in as long as you can, possibly use the containment method. Enjoy that .5 gram, you can make it last by packing between .05-.1 each session and that should last you a while, i do it all the time with chronic. :smoke:
  12. vape is the most efficient device
  13. Make firecrackers.
  14. ^ Yep! That's sorta what I did with my last gram. I cooked just the peanutbutter part however and made a PB and J and it was pretty damn good. I was lit for a couple hours and high for a few more after a total of probably 5. Well worth it and a nice change from smoking so you'll feel different :D
  15. Make a one hitter and it will last you FOREVER.
  16. Holding a hit in beyond like 3-5 secs does nothing.
  17. With the amount of weed I wouldn't recommend edibles.

    Maybe if you have a 1.0 or a 1.5.

    Just use the gravity bong, like others stated, hold that shit in.

    Plan out when your going to smoke, separate your weed to whatever will get you high, then take off a little bit.

    You would be surprised how little can get you chillen.

    (; :smoke:
  18. Highest - Vape
    Most Intoxicated - Grav Bong

  19. agter every hit do a back flip than spin around 10 times and do 30 pushups than breath out the smoke.
    works all the time for me

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