How to LST multiple branches?

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  1. High guys,

    I would like to check out the LST method on these plants. They are a little further along than what I've seen most tutorials at. I still need to transplant them .

    I topped the plants early, and the result is several branches. Do I clump the branches together, and wrap them around the pot? The plant on the right, maybe I can do some sort of ying yang action goin on tieing one branch to the left, and one to the right?

    With the plant in the back, if I pull one branch down, its only pulling that branch, and not the entire plant, so how do I lst it? Tie all the branches down?

    My issue isn't height, but its time. I still need another 6 weeks for these guys to veg before I have space under my 600w HPS. I guess I'm going to veg them for that time. They're gonna be huge. Any and all ideas welcome.


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  2. Beautiful little babies ya got there. LST just means tying individual stems loosely around the edges of the pot to increase the area of light by spreading the branches in different areas so they don't interfere with others use of light. There's a good guide on it stickied above. BUT another option is HST (High Stress Training). You bend the branches in a u shape at the top, and tie it off loosely, and then tie your plant down so it's almost horizontal. You do this with more and more branches as it grows, and it creates an even canopy of buds, thus giving you a much greater yield. Those look like you could even add a screen if you want to try out the SCROG method, which is similar to HST. There is a guide stickied above in this section also.

    To learn about the HST method, check out

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