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How-To : LST (Low Stress Training)

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by DierWolf, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. Well here we go, LST (Low Stress Training) the ultimate way to maximize your yield.

    Before we begin lets get some knowledge on what you will be looking at.

    Light Brown : Pot Outline
    Green thick Lines : Main Stem
    Small Thin Lines with Green Balls on top : Fan leafs
    Yellow Lines : Side Branches
    Red : Tiedown Metal Hooks (or thread whichever item you use, i use Hooks its easier)

    The Text in the box : First digit is Step No. and Second Digit is Pot Size, below the numbers is the type of view your looking at (either from the SIDE or from the TOP)

    Now that thats out of the way lets get it on..

    Please note, you dont have to do it this way, its just the idea of how to do LST, this is the way i did it and you can see the end result of 4 weeks of growth this way in my signature picture where it says FIM/LST. Some may opt to use the eggcrate method where you utilize an eggcrate around the pot and tie it down to that with zipties instead of using string or hooks running from the pot itself... this way you can cover more square footage and maximize your yield even more.

    Ok heres the STEPS PICTURE for you to follow along with.


    STEP 1 : Grow your plant from Seed or Clone to 3 or 4 leaf sets, some use 5 but i always use 3 because after 3rd leaf set the main stem starts to harden and it will be harder to bend over your plant properly without breaking the main stem.

    STEP 2 : Using a metal hook (i cut small sections of cloths hanger and bend a U shape at the end as a hook) bend over your plant with metal hook at the last internode (space between the last set of fanleafs and the next to last) and stick the metal hook into your dirt to hold down the stem.

    STEP 3 : This is really not a step, just waiting time... Take note of how the top of the plant that was bent down will bend back upwards towards the light, this could take anywhere from 3 hours to 1 day. Under my 1000 Watt Metal Halide light it does it in under 3 hours.

    STEP 4 : Veg and dont tie down until you have a new leaf set. You will notice Side branching has started already because good light is getting to the main stem areas next to each fanleaf stem intersection with the main stem.

    STEP 5 : Depending on your starting pot size you may have to transplant. If you started out with a large pot, repeat step 2 over and over again holding the main stem down with hooks until you reach the end of the pot. In this illustration to save time and drawings, i started out with a small pot and it reached the end of the pot after the first tiedown. I repotted it into a 10 inch pot which will be my final pot size for this plant in order for me to continue the LST Bends around the inside edge of the pot.

    STEP 6 : Now that your new leaf set has formed you have enough length in growth since the first bend(s) to allow you to start bending the stem horizontally around the inside edge of the pot. Use metal hooks again to keep this bend in place. Side branches should be coming along very nicely.

    STEP 7 : Continue repeating steps 4 and 6, allowing the plant to grow and then keep tieing it down along the inside edge of pot using metal hooks (or whatever your using) Side branches should be forming and growing up towards the light.

    STEP 8 : Continue to repeat step 7 until you are all the way around the pot... when you reach the point where your plant first met the edge of the plant Top the plant (cut off the very top of the plant ) and hold it down horizontally with a metal hook.... During all this time of repeating step 7 you should also be tieing down horizontally the new branches that have formed from the main stem as much as possible until you use up as much space as possible inside the pot as well , the outter branches growing over the outside edge of the pot you can hold down as well with string to keep those tops even with the inner branches.

    STEP 9 : After you have used up all possible space inside the pot (or your eggcrate) its time to just let it flower.. This is a side view of how it will and should look by that time with all the side branches growing upwards towards the light.... these will all become Collas unlike a non LST plant will only have one colla.

    During flowering and even before due to lack of light on the main stem fan leafs which is all the way to the bottom almost against the soil those fanleafs will die off anyways, i usually cut these off the main stem right after the branch has grown out in that area, keeps things neat down below where you will need good airflow during flowering.. so go ahead and take off any fanleafs coming off the main stem that is going around the inside edge of the pot.

    Set your timer to 12/12 and watch it bloom :)

    There is no Step 10 in the picture but we all know what that is :) HARVEST!!!

    I hope i shed some light on the method of LST and its benefits.

    Remember check my signature 3rd pic VVVVV below on how this looks before flowering
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  2. Wow man, this is amazing.

    Im not even a grower, and seeing this gives me an even better idea on whats the best to do, i cant wait til i grow.

    Amazing tutorial man. +rep for sure.
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  3. VERY GOOD writeup Dier i was looking for a way to LST that explains it a little easier.

    Definately going to check back this thread on my next grow! :D

    EDIT: Must spread reputation.. :(
  4. excellent post my friend +rep that explains ALOT
  5. another great one from dierwolf... great repeat of one of your previous tutorials, mate. +rep for giving awesome illustrations, getting straight to the point, having tolerance for people who neglect search, and for such a beautiful signature ;) blaze on:smoking::smoking:

    ~~~~> Dr_Task:wave:
  6. can we get some actual pictures maybe?? that would be sweet
  7. read what i said, my signature 3rd pic thats 4 week old plant in lst
  8. Nice thread, +rep. LST is the only to go.
  9. nice guide dierwolf +rep from me too dewd
  10. How can the plant support the weight of the harvest if its constatly bent ? Will the colas support there own weight ?

    I understand it increases yield alot i am not asking how to do it or why to do it but how its works i guess. So i know incresed bud spots and more colas. but what supports the weight if its bent over constatly ?
  11. Yes the collas can support themselves just fine.
  12. dierwolf, i just wanted to say great guide, ive been using an adapted form of lst, and its been working great so far, my baby is blasting off and theres sooo many bud sites its great, on one of my next go arounds im going to atempt your form of lst, its a little hard for me to follow your setup because im using a dwc setup, and the roots are not fully suported with the hydroton. again thanks for all your input on this site, ive found alot of your post really helpfull!
  13. Awesome, I'm just now finding out about this and just in time. Thanks :D
  14. As usual Dierwolf produces excellent posts.:hello:
    The only way I see to improve on this is by using square pots instead of round ones.

    square 1x1 ----> 1
    circle diameter 1 ----> r^2*pi = 0.5*0.5*3.14= 0.785
    1/0.785 = 1.27388....
    So a square is bigger by 27.4%
  15. thats a great post. ive been using the lst method my last few grows but i havent circled the stem around the pot. i am going to have to try that next grow.
  16. why cant i see the pics :(. Ive been tring lst on my babies too. Cant beleive how big the other branches get after bending,,,god bless lst
  17. dier, you mentioned cutting off the inside fan leaves before flowering. How many of these should you cut and where should you cut them? My current grow looks similar to your lst/fim pic, and I am about to flower and want to open up light to as many bud sites as possible without hurting the girl by cutting off too many fan leaves or trimming too much. thanks.
  18. I am talking about the fanleaves that are on the main stem thats circling the pot, not the fanleafs coming off the branches growing upwards...

    If it was done properly (the lst) they would be getting no light anyways and would be yellow and or already fallen off.
  19. oh dankenstien also.

    if you want more light penetration while flowering just tie back some of the outter branches a little at a 45 degree angle to let the more inner branches get better light....

    I use MH in combination with HPS for flowering so i have no problems with light penetration.

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