How To: LST in Bubble Bucket with Pics and Vids

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  1. So you know about LST (Low Stress Training) and you want to see it applied to the basic hydro setup of the Bubble Bucket (aka RumpleBucket) ?

    Well then follow along with a vigorous White Widow named Lumina in a bubble bucket while she gets trained to "follow the rim."

    While the original LST thread shows in great detail how to LST and why it's done there aren't as many pictures as some would like, and newbs want to know how to LST in a hydropnics setup. This is the reason I did this thread as well as this plant is such a great example.

    This Setup:
    1x RumpleBucket
    Clear tape (i used cheap scotch, but you can use whatever it takes)
    String (tie downs with open insides as to not restrict growth of stem)
    Patience (I know, it's a bummer, but we need it. meh.)

    1) The first tie down to start it all
    2) She outgrew the one tie and now she needs two and a little guidance to "follow the rim"
    3) After a bit more tie downs we can see the results
    4) Zoom into the base and see how big the main stem got and how it knows to "follow the rim"
    5) Wider angle of closeup so you can see the many tiedowns.
    6) Backside view (notice how the ties only stick to rim; this is so we can lift lid if needed.)
    7) Root pr0n! (NSFW?)

    First is a fly through to follow the main stem to get a better view of all the tie downs.
    <embed width="448" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" src="">

    Second is a view of the backside; notice the tie downs of the offshoots to try and keep them at the same height as the rest.
    <embed width="448" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" src="">

    There you have it.
    It's very simple, and as you can see very rewarding. :hello:
    Now just keep following the rim and your plant will be a huge bush in no time.

    Big thanks to DierWolf for the LST guide, and Rumple for the bubble bucket guides that paved the way.

    Questions, comments, concerns? Ask away!

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  2. Nice!
  3. great how to, thanks
  4. awesome job i can't wait to try this
  5. Nice LST. Do you cut any of your fan leaves?
  6. +rep dude!!

    Only 64 post in and the man has his own DIY lol... Done this before eh? , But honestly, this is the type of stuff I LOVE to see in "Grower Forums". Informative, but the fact that its one guy whos goals are ACTUALLY to help this never dien culture of Mj cultivation is inspiring. Icmag has'em by the boat load and OverGrow (How I miss my home :cry:) was what inspired these people (IMO offcourse).... These weed pioneers lol....

    Thank you dude... You've given me Grass city hope!! = ) LMAO
  7. Do you mean trim them?
    Once she gets tall I clip bottom branches/fan leaves so she can focus on the tops, but that's about it.

    Thanks for the compliment. :)
  8. Well thank you very much ... and nope I've never done this before, just a troll here on GC and this is only my second grow. There is so much info on the Internet it's hard to eff up growing a weed. :p

    I just always wanted to see a tutorial/DIY on LST in a Bubble bucket, and never found one, so I made one. No biggie. Sharing is caring my friends. :D

    Thanks again for the compliments and the rep. w00t!

    BTW, this girl is 5 feet tall and about ready to harvest.
  9. its not a weed, its an herb :devious:
  10. when do you trim up the fan leaves? Right before you switch to flower?
  11. @halitzor you are right, it's an herb, not a weed. I should know better. :)

    @AgentWonderbre I don't think there is a set time to do it, just watch your plants and see when they can take it. Just make sure they have enough time to recover from the trimming. I did mine just after flower started so she can focus on flower creation rather than those bottom fan leaves. Kinda of like the lollipop approach. Especially if there is no light on the bottom leaves.


  12. Thanks for the guide!! I have been on GC for a week or two and have been looking for answers and posting questions but not getting many answers... so, I would like to thank you on behalf of anyone who is curious about this technique and hasn't found an answer yet...
  13. Just a tip for all the people using LST. Make sure that whatever you are using to tie the stem has enough slack for the stem to grow. I found this out the hard way 2 weeks ago and broke the top off two of my plants. :(

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