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How to Lower tolerance

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Support, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Other than T breaks?

    Ive been going through about a 1/2 oz of bud ever week and a half and literally i feel like i stay high for 25minutes and its over. back before i was making big purchases i would buy like 1/8 and think i was a god. 1/8 would last me like 2 weeks no joke. Now it just sucks. I dont get a high as a used to. I used to smoke half a bowl and get blitz for fucking ever. Now it takes me 2 bowls to get buzzed.

    You all you blades out there. Enjoy being a lightweight. Enjoy being a cheap high. Enjoy coughing up a lung off one toke of a rillo. That used to be me.
  2. Sad situation indeed. Well as far as I know, your only other option would be to force yourself to smoke less ?
  3. There are literally hundreds of threads of people asking this same question but since I'm in a good mood I will tell you my method of keeping my tolerance low. First, it starts with some self restraint, it's as simple as that. Obviously if you smoke less then your tolerance will go down, and your stash will last longer. Unless it is a special occasion I keep my smoking to the night time hours after I am done with dinner and work for the night. Second, stay physically active and eat clean. Try to do something so that you sweat for at least 15 minutes every day. Staying active and eating clean will go a long way in keeping your metabolism moving quickly and thus transporting THC out of your system and repairing your receptors. Lastly I would take omega 3 supplements such as fish oil which also help with that last point I made.
  4. Biggest tolerance booster is wake n bakes. Waiting till like 3 in the afternoon to start smoking everyday will drastically lower tolerance. Even though I know this ill still pack a bowl while rolling out of bed and take a few hits before I start my day
  5. Try concentrates?
  6. keep yourself occupied man limit your smoking to twice a day before and after work or school. best thing to honestly do quit for two weeks and only smoke once a day for another two weeks then pick up to few times a week or twice a day keep a limit on it go on vacation where u cant bring bud if possible to start that periodic break
  7. I hear the reason we get tolerances is because little THC's get stuck in your brain after they stop making you high, some people its worse then others, my brother stopped smoking for a week after daily use and a huge tolerance and he got blitzed off of one bowl lol. (but then again the guy had "that new shit" ;D)
    Im guessing the time it takes is different for everyone though
  8. the only option you have bro would be t-breaks, just take a month off it from it. Heavy marijuana smokers can have weed in their system for upwards a month, and as for brain chemistry once you remain sober for a month its back to making its regular neurotransmitter output before you started smoking. Not to say it will reset your tolerance but the more time off the better, week breaks sometimes dont cut it. As said before when your t-breaking you want to keep your metabolism up to par to get rid of that thc, try looking up vitamins and supplements that are good for the brain that may or may not help also.
  9. If someone where to lose weight, like a considerable amount 150 pounds would it lower their tolerance?
  10. You actually dont need a complete t break if you dont want. Try to cut out smoking more. If your busy all day than it will be easier than if your sitting at home.

    If you dont want to stop at least smoke less.
  11. take a few days break and then next time you light up - bang!
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  12. #12 Stormy Sea, Jan 2, 2013
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    Gonna copy and paste what I said on the last thread that asked this exact question. Google, man, it's your friend!

    Once you've developed a tolerance, it won't matter what you smoke or how you smoke it.

    The thing about weed is that even though your mind may want more, your body doesn't. The receptors in your brain will actually DISABLE themselves, so that you can't absorb the THC anymore. No amount of smoking will cause them to turn back on.

    The truth of the matter is that smoking more doesn't get you higher, it actually increases your tolerance by causing your brain to shut off receptors. Your body is smarter than you are.

    The bonus to having a high tolerance is that over repeated use, your receptors are able to normalize faster. An experiment performed in mice showed that in the ones they gave more THC to, more receptors turned themselves off - up to 70% of them. The mice that they didn't give as much THC to turned less receptors off, but without repeated use took longer to turn them back on as well.

    So, what I'm saying is that if you smoke a ton, after a certain point you're not going to get any higher than if you smoke a little, you're just going to turn your receptors off.

    The only way for them to normalize themselves is time, so unfortunately you're probably just going to have to wait.

    I had this problem myself, so I decided to try a whole bunch of crazy ways.. nothing worked. I made batches upon batches of cookies that got other people blitzed but didn't do shit for me, and then I got so annoyed that I decided to actually learn something about the subject lol.

    PS: If you want a link to the study I read for proof I can try to find it but it's been about a month o_O

    PPS: Weed doesn't 'get stuck in your brain' as stated in an above post, it remains in your fat cells. Burning fat will cause the THC to exit your system through your urine. That isn't to say that the lingering THC causes your tolerance to do anything, though, because it doesn't. It's all about your brain receptors.
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  13. Yep, as long as you're losing fat not just weight (eg, you won't lower your tolerance by taking a dump and losing weight cause of that ). This is because THC and some other fat-soluble cannabinoids bind to the fat cells being stored in your body.

  14. or you can just not smoke all day then wake n bake the next morning
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