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How to loosen a girl up?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by AARON915, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. Yesterday I was gonna fuck my girlfriend but I could not fit in her. We tried using condoms, lube, I fingered her, ate her out, everything but I still couldn't fit. My dick isn't huge, just average size, so I don't think that's the reason. What can she/we do to loosen it up more?

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  2. Did she drink alcohol prior to that?
    I'm surprised if it didn't work even with the lube. Sometimes when we want to do it but she's not wet enough yet I just put the tip and work my way by doing the movement on a smaller scale rather than going all the way all at once. You go centimeter by centimeter, it loosens her up and turns her on, which in turn will help her get wet.
  3. Anything will fit with KY. 
  4. We were both sober. I basically tried that already, but I'll try it next time again

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  5. Get her horny and wet first, cant put the D straight in a dry vag. Step up your foreplay game. 
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    And lube. Some of them are awful and are more sticky than anything. Buy some KY, lube your dick and drown her pussy with it. I would be extremely surprised if it still didn't work. Then I might start suspecting that you aren't hard enough.
  7. Just jam it in there
  8. i had the same issue with an ex gf. turns out she had a disorder that makes her vag really tight. we were never able to have sex but after we broke up, she went to the dr and got the diagnosis. he gave her some exercises to do and she's been able to have sex successfully with her other bf's.
    not saying thats what it is, she could just be really nervous or something. but if the problem persists, id say go to the dr and find out because it is a possibility.
  9. Generally, girls aren't "loose" or "tight"

    She was likely nervous. Makes muscles contract.

    Smoke a bowl with her next time.
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    Go down on her...circle her clit with your tongue while you gently begin massaging her gspot. Make sure to grab her boobs and use your other hand when your mouth gets tired (which it should if your doing things right). Once you've made her cum a bit, your dick should slide in like a well lubed piston.

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  11. I can verify this as I know a female who is the same way (very embarrassed about it) but apparently her vagina is as small as a pinky finger.

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  12. I don't feel like anyone on here can tell you what to do to get YOUR girlfriend wet.

    "Grab her boobs and lick her clit" is shit I'm gonna assume you did already? That is foreplay for dummies. Think outside of the box.

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  13. Well it wasn't that she wasn't wet, she definitely was, it was just really tight. The guy who said she was nervous is probably right. I'll ask her if she was later to confirm this

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  14. just work on it everyday. one finger, two fingers, etc. Tapered toys or just different sized ones can help her get used to it.
  15. She was probably really nervous. I would just chill out for a while. Connect with her emotionally and get with her comfortable on an emotional level and she might be more comfortable and won't be so tense.
  16. The brain and genitals are totally related. I know because I can have good sex with a guy with a big penis who I'm into or I can have painful sex with a guy who has a smaller sized penis but because I'm not emotionally connected to him, I'm not able to relax and in turn let my vagina relax.

    It sounds crazy but it's true. I wouldn't push her physically. Just be with her. Hang out. Relax. The sex will happen. It's not something that you need to rush or that has to happen this week or next.

    Good sex with someone you love is so much better than painful sex just so that she can make you happy.
  17. I know I keep adding more but whatever. I used to think that someone was wrong with me because sex was painful. It was just that I wasn't emotionally ready for sex but I forced myself into it. I don't want her thinking that anything is wrong with her because it can be upsetting. I googled and googled and you know what happens when you google, the worst pops up. I thought that I would have painful sex for the rest of my life.

    That wasn't the case. I was just very much a young girl who wasn't ready and my body knew that.
    Well if there's one thing I know helps with nervousness, it's weed. :huh:
  19. melted butter
  20. There is a medical condition where a women's vagina can become irregularly tight. Have either you or your girlfriend looked into this?

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