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  1. I have ubunto 11.04 runnin on my laptop. I have a .iso(got it legally) of windows 7. How would I mount the iso(tried every google suggestion) onto a flash drive or do it by mounting on ubuntu and format the drive so only windows was left??

  2. I'm not familar with linux but during start up you should be able to get to the boot menu and boot from the drive. Then after running the .iso you should be able to install windows and if you have the space, you should just portion the drive so you have both OS on there. Depending on what other computers you have you could possible ghost the drive.
    Ghosting a win7 install to separate hard drive - Windows 7 Forums
  3. 1. Download UNetBootin.
    2. Open UNetBootin.
    3. Choose your .iso of windows 7
    4. Select the destination drive (usb thumbdrive, usb harddrive, flash media, whatever you like)
    5. Run it. It makes the media bootable and restores the .iso image to the drive, so you're good to go.
    6. Boot from the media and install windows.
  4. I followed the guide in this dudes blog: Kevin

    I have found that not every bios can support loading from a USB flash disk though, some give you the option but just wont boot.
  5. You need to mount the ISO in Linux, then copy the files to a USB drive or burn them to a DVD.

    Then you boot from USB or DVD, which allows you to format the hard disk and install Windows.

    Sounds like Mike already knew of a Linux app to help automate the process.

  6. You need a windows system to prep this.

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