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  1. Just got a cloud vape pen but not sure how to load it, am I supposed to put the wax on the coil or just on th side? I had a little wax and put it on the side but didn't work(prob not enough). Any help is appreciated
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    Put it on the coil if possible. If you put it on the side it shouldn't matter it should still heat up enough to slink down onto the coil. Try putting a bit more in it next time and go from there.
    EDIT:Also if it is new you need to charge the vape for the initial charge(usually 4-6 hours) 
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    I always flatten a piece of wax between my fingers then I put it directly on top of the coil. You probably only vape 50% of that and the rest drips down into the chamber. When it melts too far away from the coil to vape, I scrape it with a toothpick and put it back on top of the coil.
    My opinion on vape pens: They are awesome for traveling and discreet use, but they aren't very efficient as a daily piece.
    edit: It's never too far away from the coil to vape....BUT it's almost impossible to get a good hit when nothing is directly on the coil.
  4. dam i cant get it to work i put the wax in and theres no smoke. i was sucking a little hard so idk if thats the problem. dam im feeling dumb for buying this now
  5. seems like it not getting hot enough because the wax on the side is not sliding down
  6. How much are you putting in? With ALL vaporizers there is a learning curve. You have to put the right amount in. Too little and you'll get a weak hit, too much and the coil won't reach full temperature. 
    Also this might seem a little stupid to ask but did you follow the instructions? Most vapes have an "initial charge period" that ranges from 4-6 hours to condition the battery. 
    You should also put your dab directly on top of the coil as ill show you a video of my vape and you'll see where the hottest parts are. 


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