How to load pics to thread from my CD?

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  1. Could someone please explain how to download pics to a new thread. My pictures are on a Kodak picture CD. Do I use the Kodak easy share site? Thank you for the reply.
  2. Copy the files from the disk onto your computer.

    Upload said pictures to a picture hosting site (tinypic, imgur....there's a few out there). There's a few codes to choose from, I always get confused which sites use which but it never hurts to preview your post before posting to make sure your using the correct code.

    OR up load it as an attachment.
  3. ^ If you upload to imgur (and maybe other sites too) one of the codes will have [​IMG] brackets around it. You can copy/paste that right into your reply and it'll embed the picture in your post for you.

    If you don't see that link, just use a direct link to the picture (ending in .jpg, or .png most likely), click the "Insert Image" in the options at the top of the reply screen and paste the link. :smoking:
  4. thanks guys. I'll try it.

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