How to load my bong, am I missing a piece?

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  1. Hey Everyone. I just received my EHLE Bong. Basically I'm a totally new to this.

    The piece where you put the weed in in has a big opening. So if I would put weed in there, it would fall down into the water no?

    Am I missing a piece? How to prevent the weed/hash to fall down the first part into the water?

    Hope my question is clear!

  2. There should be a downstem that goes into the joint of the bong, into the water, then a slide/bowl that goes into the downstem.

    EDIT: If you mean the bowl/slide's hole is really big, then all you need is a screen. They're really cheap, you can get metal screens or glass screens.
  3. Most bongs come with a single hole in the bowl. Just pack over it and you'll be fine, although you will get a little pull through. If it bothers you put a screen in.
  4. There is.

    But the opening in the bowl is pretty big. If I put crumbs of hash in there, it would fall through the downstem into the water no?

  5. My bong has a bowl with a large hole in it as wel, i have to use a screen shaped like a sort of spoon that can hang in there. works fine.
  6. if you are smoking bud dont break it up fine and you will be fine. if its hash you need to either put it on top of a bowl of buds or get a screen.
  7. EHLE is a European company, and because of this, they make European-styled bowls which have large holes in the bowl. People normally mix their bud with tobacco there, so that is why there is a large opening.

    American-styled bowls have small holes since we normally smoke cannabis by itself.

    Go buy a glass screen to put in the bowl. If you are looking for a quick fix, go find a small pebble to place over the hole.
  8. ^this

    Get a glass screen. A metal screen will add a harsh bite and fuck with the taste of the bud as well as possibly scratch the glass. Glass screens are the shit and only about $2 or $3.
  9. So do you have three pieces? A bong, a downstem, and a slide? Or is it one of those deals where the bowl and downstem are all one part and you pull the whole bitch to clear?
  10. As everyone else says, you should buy a glass screen. make sure the size fits you'r slide piece. Some glass screens are specifically made for 14 size slides and 18 size slides. I'd get an Ehle screen or a roor screen, they work nicely. And you can just drop the screen in your slide piece, and put your buds on top of it.
  11. If you don't want a screen you can always just go find a small pebble wash it off and use that.
  12. I have an EHLE too and the hole is really big. I ordered one of those glass gauze screens when i ordered the bong and it hasn't given me any problems.
  13. my roor's slide had a large hole. it came with a glass screen, and it worked wonders. now i use a luke wilson disk diffused slide for the most part.
  14. put some ash on a metal screen and put your hash on that and smoke it . thats the best way to not lose any. or just put it right on the metal screen
  15. Screen.
    You need one.
  16. Its supposed to suck down and mix with the water, and then get you SUUUPPPEEERRRR HIGGHHHHHHH. try it.
  17. ^^^^^^^^:rolleyes::rolleyes: haha
  18. Thanks a lot everyone!

    I'll order a screen. I tried it yesterday by making a screen from aluminium foil, but it's not very practical.

    Thanks again, much appreciated!


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