How to live without money? Serious please

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  1. Hey

    ok so to cut to the chase, is there any way to live without needing money?

    I mean sure its been done and its still being done, but if i live in the U.S. is there any way I can just live and not have to pay taxes? I know this sounds ignorant but, i really dont want all this shit. Car, computer, electricity.

    This might sound crazy but i'm about to build a cabin in the middle of nowhere when i move out and just record music and write and grow all sorts of fruits and vegetables.

    I just dont know how to do it, without having a shit load of money before hand.

    Is there anything short of living on the street that i can do. I really want to get the fuck out of these suburbs and cities and into nature, and im totally fuckin serious nobody i know believes me but I would like nothing more than to drop it all, grab my guitars, my pack of seeds, and leave civilization

    please give me serious suggestions
  2. save up and buy a plot of land?
  3. Sell all your shit and fucking go for it.

    Bring weed though.
  4. ive been homeless the last 2 years with no job. i used to squat in abandoned buildings with a few friends, travel to other places by freight train and hitch hiking and living on campsites out in the wilderness. i used to dumpster dive for my food and eat wild life. it was an amazing experience that i just cant do anymore because of the way my life is right now.

    btw. i have a cousin in hawaii who is now taking internships to live on a piece of land and basically live off of it. they have free range chickens and cattle and of course organic vegetable gardens and fresh mountain water.

    if you PM that you are interested i can pass along the info to you.
  5. Move close to the equator and find a program that teaches you how to live off the land. Your life isn't going to be easy though, you'll spend your days searching for food.

  6. it's federal INCOME tax, so if you ain't makin no dough then there isnt anything they can tax you for. i believe current tax laws are you must file a tax return if you make $2000 dollars or more during the fiscal year
  7. yes please that would be amazing
  8. Get a job while you still have a free roof over your head, save up a shitload of money and then go do yo thaaang, chicken wiiing :cool:
  9. I'd say sell all your shit, get supplies together (seeds, building supplies, tools, etc.) then see if some friends would help you out in building your cabin. Make sure it's a real building though, not tree-house style. Then start your new life as an illegitimate farmer.

    By the way, this takes balls of steel; mad respect.
  10. Wow. The idea of living off of land or living in the streets with the intention to do so, meaning living off the human distorted earth, is intensely spiritually changing. I'm reading some great material on these forums tonight, i need ratatat...
  11. I dunno if it's releavant but in a few more years after I've got more college crest under my belt I'm joining the peace corps.
  12. Irrelevant.
  13. all i can tell you is

    become an escort
    free work
    around 300/hr
  14. I'm just saying that if he wants to drop out of society and do things not for money but for people in a way that he can feel good about, try the peace corps.

    And by the way emblazened I dunno if I ever told you this before but I think your sig is the shit.
  15. Thanks man.

    I don't think he mentioned helping people, he wanted to live off the land and record music.

    Quasi-Thoreau style.
  16. wallllllldennnn bitchesss
  17. I was planning on doing this awhile ago but it never went anywhere. My friends thought I was nuts. Best of luck to you man!
  18. Just save up some money man, once you have a decent amount and enough to keep you on your feet and get construction underway.
  19. im not trying to bring you down or anything, just curious. Why the hell would you want to do that? No friends, no family, nobody? :confused:
  20. I say go for it...This money game has driven the world to the brink of insanity...people steal, kill, and deal for it..and those that try and make it the right way through a job are struggling to make endz meet...then that causes survival thus survival manifest itself into a way out crime! Desparate causes lead to desparate measures...

    So what life be like without having to deal with all that chaos? I say go for it...if it was up to me I'd go wit'cha but I gotta get this money I'll Holla!!!

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