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How to light a bowl with no lighter

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Korey1919, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. How can I light my pipe with no lighter?:confused:
  2. Strike two stones together, and masturbate furiously while doing so.
  3. Grab some matches, they ought to do the trick.
  4. Paper and a heater
  5. if you don't masturbate fast enough though it wont light, so make sure its very fast.

    but really light a candle with the stove perhaps?
    you could try a magnifying glass? no sun right now though...
    theres all kinds of ways to make fire
  6. wut?:eek:

    just get a lighter... and then you can light your bowl with a lighter!
  7. if its sunny out, you can use a magnifying glass
  8. This is fucking ridiculous. What has grasscity turned into....
  9. Go out and buy a lighter kid, unless that is you're too young to buy one, in which case go away because you shouldn't be here.
  10. Piece of copper wire, Tiolet paper, 9v battery.

    (and masturbate furiously)
  11. try a gas stove.
  12. Light a ciggy off yr car lighter, or off the stove then use it light yr cone, done that in the snow when it was too cold and windy to use a lighter. Worked a treat.
  13. If you have a car but no cig lighter in it (becuase throwing them out of the window is rad) then you could pop the bonnet, and place steel wool over the battery terminals, itll burst into flames.

    You wanted to smoke that bowl more than you wanted a car right?
  14. This works great if you dont want your eyebrows anymore!
  15. This man is very wise, listen to him.
  16. [​IMG]
    What, you guys can't do this?
  17. Haha about the not old enough to buy a lighter thing thats funny I smoked when I was 17 I literally just turned 18 not encouraging it just wanted to point out how funny it is when they wont sell you it, I just come back w/ a candle/grill lighter if they said anything then theyd be like oh....ok i guess.. and ring it up haha
  18. i fed teh troll
  19. Dumbest thread of GrassCity.com award goes too.... drum roll please....and again drum roll please....Korey1919. For this award i grant you a $.99 bic lighter.:rolleyes:

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