How to legalize marijuana

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by citizen abuse, Aug 29, 2002.

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  1. That link failed to convince me that the American Govenment is illegal. Nor do I think it\'s legally possible to declare the entire US government null because it does something illegal.

    I do believe that the constitution does not grant the federal government authority to declare any substance illegal.

    I think those decisions were supposed to be up to the states.

    Interesting argument, though.

  2. exactly dude.. that argument about the us having an illegal government is pretty weak but we CAN use the constitution argument, and bring up the lincoln quote about prohibition.. i dont remember what it was..
    i dont think many people realize that the us government is going against their own contitution as we speak.. THAT is a fucking powerful argument
  3. the REAL fail proof way to legalize mj, is if EVERYONE that smoked it..even the ceo\'s, dr\'s, police, EVERYONE, stood up at once and said HEY!!!! I SMOKE CHRONIC....what could possibly be done then?.....the nation WOULD go to shit if half of it were put in prisons, which cant be done.
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