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How to learn

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Drool, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Alright so I'm pretty new to this, and here's my reefer career very resumed so you can get a handle on my situation more clearly.

    I started smoking like 6 months ago, and I only do it ocasionally and when I'm with friends.

    To buy I either go with my friend who smokes more but who had never bought before we went.

    We buy from a guy from our school, he's pretty chill but transactions are always in public so I can't check the bag. So far I've never been ripped off, so it's ok.

    The other times I go with another friend of mine who has more connects, and the one who sort of got me into weed.

    But here's the deal, I don't really have a connection of my own. The school guy it's my friend who texts/calls and the rest of the times I just go along to buy it.

    I want to get my own connection with a dealer so that I can discuss what he has to offer other than "I want 1g or 2g.". But I'm working on it, so that's not why I made this thread.

    Here's the deal, how can I learn more about what I'm being sold? Right now I have no idea what I'm smoking, only that it's weed and it gets me high.

    For example, I could ask the dealer for White Widow but really I'd have no idea what I was being given.

    Is there any database, website, any source that can help me learn the look/smell of each type of weed?
  2. Man, theres a lot to learn when it comes to bud. We can't discuss how to hook you up, but I can tell you that you'll learn everything you need to know from this forum. Everything from how to grow to what you're smokin. Head over to the stash jar, look at pictures, read threads, learn.

    In a situation like you're in, there's no way a dealer is gonna have white widow. If you lived in a medicinal state you could get that kind of a selection from a dispensary, but the majority of bud floating around are outdoor grown no names who happen to resemble other strains. You'll never know exactly what you're gettin (or maybe you will, depends on the people you know) but you can tell good buds by the danky smell, frosty covered trichromes, and intact nug structures.

    Idk what else to tell ya man. Read up on the forums, it's all here. :smoke:
  3. Alright man, will do.

    And yeah, my friend told me the dealer from school hooked him up with White Widow once, but I'm not sure how far his knowledge in strains goes.
  4. just look at pics of shitty bud, look at pics of good bud. Know the difference. Get a scale too.

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