how to learn cannabis chemstry

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  1. Im really into helping people and i noticed that thc helps some people so i was thinking of maby learning the chemistry of it so i could figure out how to make it help with certain type of disorders more . Since i got a lot of medicinal problems i could test it on my self and then have other people who try it allready tell me what it helps them with and have it so i can legaly see their cells and see how it reacts when thc is put into it or watever they do in the labs. Any links on where to get started would be appreciated alot who know maby i can cure a certain type of cancer by learning it or cure sleep paralysis or something deadly(it can be deadly if u get a heart attack once your older because your heart rate goes up because you get scared).

  2. u got any links?
  3. THC is THC. Its medical benefits have already been documented. You wouldn't be finding anything new out.
  4. He just wants an excuse to get really high all the time
  5. See what the benefits of smoking out of pebbles are.
  6. This is like this guys 90th stupid thread in the past 24 hours. I'm pretty sure hes probably 14 years old.
  7. [quote name='"twitchydude420"']This is like this guys 90th stupid thread in the past 24 hours. I'm pretty sure hes probably 14 years old.[/quote]

    Thats my guess too.
  8. I guess the 12 in his username is his age. Happy almost 13th birthday OP.
  9. Sweetie, you need to get a copy of my 2012 List! (send me an email- bottom of my sig) It has a large section on the chemistry of cannabis and another on the genetics of cannabis. I am sure you will have a lot of fun learning about what cannabis can do! :smoke: Educating yourself is the way to go! :yay:

    Granny :wave:

  10. i didn't mean just thc theres other chemiclas in it who knows we might be missing a chemical that could really help us if we got a high dosage of it.

  11. thanks for help these other people are total assholes there's more then THC that is used for meds. THC is for pain not the other disorders.
  12. No name calling, buddy. ^^
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  14. sorry im just so sick of those people not helping people when thats the point of this forum. Can someone test something if they got bad hands. I noticed when i smoked some dry weed my hands felt so munch better and i could write and type alot better.

  15. 1. "General This forum is for general conversations not related to the other forums. Can't find a place to post? This is it."

    What you are looking for is- SMOKING AND USAGE - Forums

    2. Dry weed? As opposed to what, wet weed?

  16. 1. Thanks i thought that was about smoking and edibles only
    2.yeah im not 100% sure about that tho but to me it helped me a lot. I think the CBD is higher in dry weed.

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