How To Last Longer - Easy

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  1. Aight heres a simple trick to lastin longer in any situation, whether your face fuckin her, skull fuckin her, pumpin her pussy or stickin it in her pussy or gettin your wang yanked.. Just try and pee. No joke. You won't be able to pee but when you use that muscle it kind of numbs sensation in your penis. When I'm close to blowin I will try that for 2-3 seconds (It's kind of like flexing..) And then I'll be good for another couple minutes and I can keep doing. It kind of takes a little concentration though.
  2. One night me and my GF were doing the dirty, I drunk so much and I had to piss the whole time like bad. It was like I couldnt blow my load I just had to piss. Im going to try that though haha
  3. Skull fucking....that is some fucked up shit. Talk about BDSM.
  4. This is not true.

    Guess you missed the thread where a GC member and his girlfriend learned this the hard way :hello:
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    Easy- just have your girl bash your nuts like BAAHH
  6. Any guy accidentally pisses on me, he's dead.
  7. fixed.
  8. i call you out on that? meet at starbucks?
  9. i usually just let my mind wander lol, makes me last so much longer. sometimes i'll even lose my erection, fuck a.d.d

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