How to know when vaped weed is "done"

Discussion in 'General' started by SeattleRes, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Hey guys.

    I just bought an easy vape and it does get me pretty high. However the buds don't turn brown, they stay green but just lose their smell and take on a slight brown hue. Is this bud now exhausted? I've seen pics of vaped bud turning fully brown, should I keep vaping until that happens?
  2. I had a wooden one that you hold the lighter over top, I'd say a good 6-8 hits should finish up a decent sized bowl.. just keep hitting it after a while there wont be much thc left you can usually taste it.

    I always took 6-8 hits and then changed the bowl, keep the vaped weed and make edibles later on. :)

    If it's all dry and looks sort of brownish green it's finished, but all weed vapes differently so I'd say 6-8 hits is good. :)
  3. When it smells like tuna ahah ...and what potchoc said, brown
  4. It taste like burnt popcorn
  5. ^^^^ all this, but also try turning the bowl halfway through roasting so it burns more evenly... I just started doing this with mine and it works pretty good. the hardest part is remembering to stop and turn the bowl haha
  6. Mine smells like popcorn.

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