How to know what size slide to get?

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    I have a 12" roots bong and just broke my slide. I wanted to know if anyone knows the joint size on it or w/e its called. I gotta go to the smoke shop to get a new one but i would like to know the size so its easier to find it. Thanks
  2. lol, it's probably a 14 mm...

    but just measure it
  3. Get a dime. If it falls through the joint, it's a 29mm, if it goes in but gets stuck, it's an 18.8mm, if it almost fits, it's a 14.4mm, and if it won't fit, it's a 9mm.
  4. +rep thats a creat way to check your joint size.:smoking:
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    yes +rep, thanks a lot. I believe its 14.4mm then. Sucks i broke my slide, i only had it for less then a month lol. Maybe ill look into a nice ashcatcher for it.
  6. I think one of these would go nicely on your tube.

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  7. Damn, thats pretty sweet looking. Ill look into it, if i have enough ill deff look into an ash catcher/pre cooler.

    Heres my tube and current setup lol:
  8. Nvm, i just re read what you wrote and it must be 9mm. It doesnt fit in the downstem.
  9. Is it even gong? Otherwise it's either 9mm or 12mm.

  10. No, its held in by a grommet. And yeah i believe its 9mm.

  11. Nice way to measure that, +rep.

    OP, glad you got it figured out.

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