How to kill yourself(not like suicide)

Discussion in 'General' started by Sonow, May 23, 2010.

  1. You know how when you take them hits where you just "kill yourself"? and after that it's just like "Damn that hit was so big. I need to sit the fuck down now"?
    Well my friend taught me an interesting way to just take a hard hit.

    Take a big deep hit, and get all the smoke in your mouth, and swish it(like listerine) until you can't hold your breath anymore.

    Then when you can't hold your breath, breathe all that in.

    Lemme know how it feels guys.
  2. I guess I need to try this.
  3. I'll try this in 15 or so more minutes when my friend gets here.
  4. ...or you can just take a big rip....
  5. Why do you need to swish it :p It doesn't make you higher so why try to feel like you're killing yourself if it doesn't have any effect beyond feeling fucked up.
  6. ^yeah.

    Here's a better "guide"... Pack more weed than normal in your slider, Take a bong hit.
  7. Don't bother.
  8. No shit man.

    I don't really feel like turning all areas of my teeth yellow.

    Thanks though, OP.
  9. That makes no sense just take a huge bong rip, there arent really any "tricks" that are going to get you higher.

  10. This

    Pack your bowl real tight, suck hard, Light up your bowl, and away you go
  11. Oxygen deprivation. Doing this = Brain damage.

    Just fucking smoke it. :p

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