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How to 'kill' my high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by tripp_aop, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. I know this will sound stupid and you are probably wondering why I want to kill my high.

    I just ate a firecracker and I remembered that I have to go to a family dinner in about 3 hours, I was just wondering how I could 'kill' my high before this time because my 'rents know how to tell if I am high.

    Also if you could give me tips that could work with regular smoking of weed that would be great!
  2. Well, I would say with smoking a way to "kill" your high is to eat something. With edibles though I would try maybe taking a cold shower? I know it sounds weird but its the same concept as washing your face with cold water. Maybe this will work. Good luck! :)
  3. Someone will have to chime in to confirm, but inducing vomiting may be the way to go here. You would have to pull the weed out of the ingestion process to keep it from being continually absorbed in your blood stream, I would think. But I am no doctor and that could all be total bullshit. Either way I would fake sick and avoid the dinner if you could.
  4. youll still LOOK high, even if youre not buzzing. your eyes will still be low and droopy.
  5. Eating more food will slow the absorbtion of THC into your body from the edibles.
  6. If you want to stop the high i don't know what would work better than vomiting it up as unpleasant as that will be. eating more food would probably just prolong the high. I don't believe its as simple as taking an psychotic to abort an lsd trip as I have read about.

    hope that made any sense im stoned out of my fucking mind right now

  7. lol youll still be high in 3 hours???????

    lol im never high for that long even with alot alot of weed
  8. Eating weed is different. You get a much longer body high then you do when you smoke.
  9. haha that reminds me of the time i ate 2 pot cup cakes and forgot it was my night to watch granma. that was a weird night.my buddy made 8 cupcakes out of a 0z.just sitting there gettin higer and higer talking to my 85 year old granma good times!
  10. call your parents or 911, then: talk haha
  11. think about your parents having sex.

    Yeah i said it

    edit...i was thinking about editing this but decided not to..
  12. There's several ways man,

    annoy yourself,
    munch out,
    put eyedrops on,
    drink a lot of water.

    Follow these and you will kill your high [:
  13. Don't kill your high, embrace and adapt. Most of what i hear when im high from people is "you look tired" play along...yea haven't had much sleep

    Eyes red? well my eyes have been itchy all day, maybe allergies.

    But thats assuming that your a relaxed smoker.
  14. You cant really. Your best bet would be to eat something else and take a shower
    Eating can really kill a high sometimes
  15. Two words...SLIM JIM...my girlfriend smoked and was pretty high and then took one bite of a slim jim and it completely killed it

  16. i usually found that just thinking about the seriousness of how important that u need to be and look straight, and how really really serious that is.... it usually scared me outta my high. lol.

    either that or show up and go "fuck it, hi mom, hi dad. i have an anouncement to make. i'm a stoner! and i think i will be for the rest of my life, and its a beautiful thing. :D :) and i've got the munchies real bad, how quick can we get the gourmet shit on the go here...?"
  17. 3 hours is a long time... and there will probably be food there. Just play it cool. Eye drops, and they have no way of proving it unless u admit it. Esp with eatables... you don't even smell like it. Plus its just a body high most likely. You can talk/think fine
  18. start indulging in food I find when i start to satisfy my munchies i come down a little, or you could fake sick.
  19. take some seroquil

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