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How to keep weed fresh?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jrgong, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. So I'm going to be getting about 20 pounds from this years harvest if everything goes right, my only question is how to store it (Can't go freezer method for stealth reasons) I've got these vacuum storage bags that I use for my normal weed but their not in there very long, will this keep it fresh if I put it in a cool dark place? And if so for about how long?
  2. put it it a large airtight mason jar with a rubber sealer. then just keep the jar in a cool dark spot like a dresser drawer. it will stay fresh for a while

  3. Pretty much what this guy said.
  4. 20# in a mason jar?
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    Smoke it all before it becomes y'know un-fresh.

    Seriously though mason jars in a dark spot. I have a bit of weed from four summers ago and it still gets me high and tastes decent...a bit dry though.

    Get the big eight cup jars. Your still going to have a shit ton of jars if you pull anywhere close to 20 pounds....good luck.
  6. [quote name='"Inforit"']20# in a mason jar?[/quote]

    Maybe use multiple jars...
  7. thanks guys, can you get mason jars from regular stores like wal-mart or do you have to order online?

  8. anywhere that sells kitchen stuff should have mason jars. so yeah walmart would probably have them
  9. Walmarts generally don't have mason jars. Go to like hobby lobby or something. Thats about the only option
  10. You're gonna need an assload of mason jars for 20 pounds. I fit an ounce in one jar, so you would need 320 jars for 20 pounds. Damnnn
  11. walmart is the best from what ive found. they have huge glass jars for cheap (like $5). i need to get one for my ounce im getting soon.

    my question is how are you harvesting 20lbs yet you cant put it in the freezer for stealth reasons??? also i wouldnt go with the freezer anyway because it will make the crystals fall off.

  12. Not exactly stealth but I have a roommate and he'd be pretty pissed if he found that much weed in the freezer. He's not opposed to smoking but we talked and he said he'd prefer to not have to move weed aside to get to food lol.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. :confused:
  14. So what is the likely outcome for this guy? Robbed or arrested, both maybe?

    Roommate shouldn't have access to almost 100,000 dollars worth of weed, don't even say you trust him.

  15. I have a combination lock safe with plenty of room in it to store weed in, I just need to know what to put the actual weed in. I've known him for almost 15 years now; It's not like I'm giving him complete free access to my shit I just trust him enough not to call the cops or any stupid shit like that.
  16. that number right there is why i want to move to an MMJ state and start growing to sell to dispensaries. and thats from one harvest. and it doesnt cost nearly 100,000 to grow that much.
  17. are you gunna keep it until you get round to smoking it? that would be pretty crazy, if you smoke an O a week then itll last you around 6 years. It better be nice weed to store 4 all that time. If your not keeping it for that long ;) then i suggest tupperware containers, you can fit around 10 Os into each large clip seal type box - probably be more cost effective and easy to stack (youll still need 40).
  18. One harvest IF you have a shit load of plants, a little garden won't produce a solid 20 pounds or 9,000 grams. Good luck doing that legally even in a medical state.

  19. I've got 12 plants, just depends on how much your strain produces, but I don't live in a med state so I have no idea how much they're allowed to grow.

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