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how to keep tolerance low but still smoke everyday?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by lil p, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. heyy guys whats up.
    i'm a relatively new smoker, i've been smoking for almost 3 years. but for the past month i've been smoking fourish times a day, and i don't really seem to get the same high anymore.
    i know people ask about t breaks all the time but i really don't want to take a t break. i recently quit my meds and smoking helps keep my anxiety at bay. 
    so, what if i smoked once a day at night or something? would that help keep my tolerance lower without actually taking a break? thanks for any replies

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    Yeah just simply cutting down the frequency you smoke a day can make a difference. Also look into taking a fish oil supplement, the omega-3s in it help to 'reset' cannabinoid receptors which means you'll get higher easier :)

    Also changing the way you smoke every now and then helps. Maybe use a pipe for a while, the a bong another time, etc.

    Same thing with strain, if you're smoking the same strain, at least for me I get 'used' to it. Try switchin up strains every so often.
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  3. i bought fish oil supplements a while ago, but totally forgot about them haha. i should start taking them.
    thank you for your advice!  :smoke:
  4. Smoke every 24 hours or smoke at night during the week then smoke all day during the weekend.

    Stoner Athlete
    Train Insane or Remain The Same.
  5. Make a batch of canna butter and bake some cookies. All you need is a small piece of cookie to feel good. 
    Eat said small piece and smoke if you feel the need. I like edibles as they last a long time. I do not like going to space off of them so I always test out a new batch to find out how much/little I need.
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    Sleep and exercise do a lot to lower tolerance and replenish the body's getting high resources, as does a good diet. Not going to bed high will make your buzz better the next day when you do smoke.

    run/jog a couple or a few miles; whatever you can manage. Lift some weights.

    Pooping helps too. The body is happier when regular. (I eat lightly steamed freash broccoli for that. )

    Anything you do that is good for your body will show up when you smoke!
  7. I find smoking makes my tolerance skyrocket whereas vaping keeps it pretty low. Smoke once a day, take a couple hits then wait 10-15min to see how you're feeling and if you really need more to get where you want to be. If you aren't take another hit or two and wait again until you're at your desired level.
    Stay away from hash/hash oil. Try to smoke snaps in a bong, or pack small pipe bowls. Don't roll joints/blunts to smoke by yourself as you will be tempted to smoke the whole thing.
    Good luck :)
  8. thank you everyone for replying!! i'll definitely take your guys advice :)
  9. One hitters for the win! When I'm low on bud, I stick to my one hitter. I can pack a hit or two and I still get pretty high. And the best part is your tolerance will stay low, as long as you don't increase your frequency. I make a gram last me 2 weeks, smoking every day this way.
  10. Medication vs meditation.

    Plants help you learn your lifestyle. toke^
  11. Fish oil is good for you anyways!
    I smoke daily, but only at the end of the night.  Even then, I try not to overdo it by smoking more than I need to.  That's helped keep my tolerance pretty low.  
    But when I switch strains, I really fly for the first few days.
  12. Don't know if it was mentioned, but a new setting could also help.
    Maybe you're used to toking indoors. Try being outside or even just a different room

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  13. I find smoking very small amounts three or four times a day keeps my tolerance pretty low and I still stay a little bit high all day
  14. Change ethnicities.
    White people generally have higher tolerances lol.
  15. thank you all for the suggestions, it really helps.  :hello:
    First of all thanks for admitting 3 years doesn't make you an expert. I never take t-breaks. I would say IME the only way is to cut back on the wake and bake.  If you work or go to school in the morning wait til you get home to smoke, at least go for a workout before smoking.  You need contrast in your life between sober and high to really feel the highs.  
    Also be careful with concentrates they can bring your tolerance way up. 
  17. I haven't taken a tolerance break in I don't know how long, and I actually tend to smoke a lot at certain times and get a really intense high but it is pretty limited. Then I bust out the vape and I honestly can't believe how high I can get from 2-3 hits, even one.
    I know you don't want to take a break, but maybe a week or atleast a few days off and being really healthy to push back the T a bit, and then continue with your ways. I say this because I've been smoking for a reaaally long time, and when I use my vape it's almost as if I had a very low tolerance. Then you switch to smoking a bit later and I think it hits you harder switching things up. So imagine doin that after going dry a bit. I highly suggest a vape if youre looking for a weak spot at your tolerance.
    Space out the time you are sober from the time you smoke like everyone said, youll be good. Omega 3s are great, don't like those fat pills they give you? Then eat a bunch of salmon :)
  18. Ultimately your tolerance will go up. It's one of the things you can't control.
    Change you smoke often, smoke bongs, change it around.
    I've smoked for over 25 years and I still get stoned.

    not alot of people know that I don't know that, but I bloody well don't!
  19. Mix it up. Smoke some kanna . . . maybe a little Lion's Tail. Give those cannabinoids a break.
  20. there's really no way... I mix up strains which helps immensely. if I smoke one strain for more than two or three days, I'm fucked

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