How to keep my grow box cool in the summer

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  1. I live in North Carolina and it gets close to 100 degrees in the summer and the building I plan to grow in doesnt have air conditioning and I wanted to know if there was a way to get cold air into my grow box. The box will be located in a closet of the building. I don't have enough money for a portable ac and I can't pull cold air in from outside because it will be just as hot out there. I've looked around on many other forums and just can't find the solution.
    Anything will help, I can't cut holes in the walls or anything because it's one of my buddies places.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. You pretty much have ruled out anything we could suggest man. Those temps will cook your plants.
  3. Only thing I can think of would be using milk jugs of frozen water but you would have to switch out a few times during the day.  You are going to have to have exhaust and intake because if the ambient temperature does reach 100 you have to figure with the lights on it will be like 115-130 inside the cabinet.
  4. I appreciate guys, I didn't think there was much I could do.
  5. don't know if you can find the mini water coolers they use to make back in the 70s.  if you could that would work but think right now the frozen jug of water sounds better.  I live in NC also by the beach.  So I know how hot it gets!!!
  6. I'm not quite sure what I would do with the frozen water. Could you elaborate please?
  7. Put a fan on it.  that way it blows cool air
  8. Would putting the jugs in the box be a good idea? or should i have it to where the cold air goes in from the outside?
  9. put the jugs where ever the fan can hit it and blow the cool air onto your plants.  if your fan is on out side put it there if it is on inside put it there.  main thing is have air flow over the frozen jugs to help put cool air in there for your plants
  10. Awesome, i appreciate your help.
  11. As I said no problem I live in NC also by the beach of Topsail Island.  I know how hot it can get!!!!
  12. Dry ice. Lots of it. Plus its co2
  13. I am having the same issue.  I recently came across a small desktop air cooling fan on amazon for $35.  It is called "The Original Handy Cooler Small Fan & Mini-Air Conditioner".  I think I may order it and see how well it works.
  14. I don't know how to get dry ice, and from what i've been seeing online is a fan alone won't keep it cool enough. Everyone says they need a portable ac which gets pretty expensive. But if you do I'd love to know how well it works.
  15. You need to move it inside or time your grows for spring and fall. A fan circulating hot air isn't going to help.
  16. Find a window AC unit. Scrounge up ducting...duct intake and duct heat from unit somewhere. A window unit could come out pretty damn cheap. Don't forget the duct tape.

    Just an idea.
  17. There is no cooling that thing in an NC summer without a real A/C solution.  You will save yourself allot of headache if you accept that fact early in the process.  I used to be right where you are right now.  Maximize that winter crop!
  18. Save your money and buy a 89 dollar air window unit ... probaly cheaper on Craigslist

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