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how to keep it on the down low.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The_Change_Guy, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. so i'm still living with my parents, and I've been smoking weed for about a year now. (i started a lot earlier but didn't actually start blazing and learning things until a year ago.) i really want to keep on toking but every time my parents find my stash the rip it up and throw it all over our yard. (i have over 2 acres so finding it would be impossible.)

    im curious as to how to hide your smoking from my parents. i've had them throw away up to a half of dank dank bud. and i dont have alot of money to keep letting them do this. how can i hide the weed? and how can i smoke it when they are home (which is quite alot) im going to university soon so it wont be a problem in about 8 months. but untill then...

  2. SMoke in your bathroom out of a waterfall and blow into the fan. And instead of hiding your stash in the same spot, break up your stash and hide a bunch of nugs in diff locations.

    or respect your parents wishes and dont smoke in their house.
  3. Stash box. Hollowed out book, car glove box, spot in the yard, hole in the mattress. There are plenty of ways to hide your stuff. Just be creative! As for smoking when they are home, just go outside. If you aren't someone who goes on walks often, then construct a sploof, or start hanging out with friends.
  4. Get a little lock/stash box.

    Small amounts that you will be smoking soon could be stashed in stealth spots such as inside a VHS port or inside one of the pockets of some jackets hanging in your closet.

    You shouldn't smoke until about a good 20 to 30 minutes after they've gone to bed.

    That's when you should sneak outside or on a balcony/porch and then toke away.
  5. So what were you aking, a way to hide weed so that you'd know where it was, but it would be IMPOSSIBLE for your parents TO FIND..... hmmn i wonder where you could hide it? Oh well, i'm sure you'll figure it out
  6. dig a hole in ur 2 acre back yard and there u go a hiding place. ur parents wont even expect it
  7. If you have your wallet on you at all times I could suggest that. It is pretty easy to hide your stash. Put it in your computer if you have to.
  8. a 2 acre yard? u can prolly find sumwhere hidden to go smoke outside...
  9. I have a hollow book, and a rubber-seal jar up in a video camera box in my closet.
  10. but part of the problem is that my dad is an old school toker and doesn't want me smoking so he suspects random walks

    my mom is a bitch and searches my shit. and i dont want condensation in my weed.
  11. This is def your best option.
    But don't break up your shit... out it in one place that would be so difficult to find that it would never be found....
    I used to keep mine in my closet, under my box of "out of season" clothes, in my trumpet case that has a hidden pocket in it.
    Like something crazy and elaborate like that.
  12. if your room has carpet flooring, find a weak spot in it along the wall, somewhere no one would think to check. cut 2 vertical lines 6 inches apart and 6 inches longto form a flap of carpeting. stuff your stash underneath the carpet and make sure you remember where the spot is.
  13. Maybe hide it outside of your room. Like under the sink in the bathroom. I hide mine in my room in my old boombox. It's a great spot, and it's been working for two weeks! Or hide it in an attic.
  14. I would recommend not trying to smoke in your house. Too dangerous. As for hiding, anywhere can work. Try inside your computer or a hollow book or a backpack. As for smoking, just do anything where's it's not suspicious if you're outside by yourself. Say you are going for a bike ride, a walk, skating, making a phone call. I used to always skate and just blaze when I was outside. Not suspicious and could always get my smoking in.
  15. order a stashing container or go to your local headshop and buy a stash container what looks like something but its not that or go to a thrift store and buy a piece of shit old vhs strip out the parts so its hollow and hide the bud in there and when you need your bud take the cover off (i did this before but all vhs models different so might not work but you can always try)
  16. I always found that hiding things in plain sight's pretty good, just be creative about it. Like I hide my stash in a old vitamin bottle and managed to hide a 2 foot bong with a old container/carrying bag that came with a tent. To smoke secretly you could try just opening a window and proping a fan up to it then just blow the smoke out the fan. Also, remeber to line the bottom of the door with some clothes.
  17. smoke outside before bed no suspicions then
  18. tape it on the underside of a piece of furniture or something.

    Or take a clean sock and put it in it and throw the sock in the drawer with your others.

    Use a spoof and a window fan when you smoke, close your door and put a towel under it.

    Dont use to many air freshners because that would be making it obvious just turn on some fans, make a spoof and cheef.

    I hope your not smoking a blunt or a J in the house thats just not smart a bowl or bong would be your best bet.
  19. If you have your own computer you can put the bud inside the case.
  20. Move out you lame-0.


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