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How To Keep It Legit When The Cops Show Up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gravewritten, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. I browsed through past threads and i didnt see anything like this so if im wrong someone please correct me. The purpose of this thread is to inform everyone on their rights when it comes to dealing with police as well as how to keep their shit on lockdown (i.e. car, spot, etc)

    1. Always have a good spot to hide your weed in just in case something happens. For example, ive had my fair share of possession tickets almost all in my car because for a while i lacked a place to hide it. My friend got out of being jacked a QP (and i used jacked because hes an MM patient) because he was able to stash all of it under his change holder in his car. Think creatively because most cops are idiots or clearly they wouldnt be in law enforcement

    2. Smell. Its no secret that weed smells, and the better it is usually the worst it stinks. So its important to be able to mask this scent or conceal it. My opinion is purchase a high quality air freshener, the ones that have worked best of experience are any febreze air effects product (they work wonders) and orange chronic. you can find the latter at most legit headshops,. Its always better to use something that is less conspicuous, you might have some sick "mint kush" spray but who the fuck thinks a cop wont notice.

    3. Know your rights. i live in california, which is one of the most lenient states to be caught with weed. However, court still sucks cock and everyone would rather be able to keep their weed and smoke it that turn it over to police.
    a. never agree to searches without a search warrant. unless an officer has probable cause its illegal to be searched. if he asks, tell him he needs a warrant to do that and you would like to go about your business. if your confidant, you can almost always get out of being searched as long as your car doesnt reek like bud.
    b. dont admit to having weed unless the officer explicitly tells you your car smells like it and hes going to search you. most times when a cop asks you if you have anything illegal theyre waiting for an idiot to give themselves away
    c. cops are not your friends, they will not cut you any breaks they really dont give a fuck. so make sure you know your rights (they very state to state) being informed is the only way to change crooked ways
  2. Smell is definitely the hard part. I just picked up some great stuff and holy shit did it stink. I couldn't believe how much it stunk up my car from my brothers joint that was in plastic inside a cigarette box in his back pocket smooshed into leather. I always hide mine soon as I get it and put it into another zip lock for the ride. Then hand sanitizer to hide the smell.
  3. How about not carry or smoke weed in your vehicle in the first place?

    It's that easy.
  4. Why do you have to be such a party pooper? I'm sure every single person here has driven their vehicle carrying at least once.
  5. Sure, I certainly have (it's rare). However, I give police NO reason to want to search my vehicle. Police just don't pull people over and search them without reason to. Especially if you follow one of the basic rules of carrying...only carry what you are intending to use. Seal it, and be responsible if you drive. I really can't add anything else to that.

    It all comes down to the driver's fault. If police decides to search your vehicle, then you probably were not being responsible in the first place (Driving high, driving under the influence of something else, being a total moron about something else).
  6. I'd like to think that was true, but it's not, i live in the UK, and i've been stopped and searched for no other reasons than my age and the car i drove.

    The law isn't fair alot of the time. Surely we know this here?
  7. You didn't look hard enough... you really shouldn't have to search for info like this though.... it should be stickied! :devious: Check the link in my sig...
  8. Half the time im soo stoned i forget i have weed on me when the cops pul up so i just act cool and sumtyms have a little chat with them, It's cool if u dont sound like ur hiding something.
  9. I got pulled over yesterday for a object my boy had on his front mirror... WHILE we were smoking a blutn they pulled us over, so i eat the 4 inch burning blunt, and 5 seconds later they walk up "WHERES THE MARIJUANA AT FUCKERS" and yea..
  10. Hey, how applicable are these rights in Canada? I live in Saskatchewan to be specific, and cops are generally pretty lenient towards pot. But I have had the unfortunate asshole cop, so if these apply to me too that'd be dope...
  11. First of all, you should have gotten his badge number and reported his ass, and second of all, only smoke on back roads where the likelihood of even seeing a cop, let alone getting pulled over is slim to none. I go to a college in a fairly small town, and there is a network of backroads right by campus that we use for cruises all the time, and there are all kinds of different ways to make a loop, a short way for a bowl, a little longer for a joint, and even a 2 blunt cruise past a camel farm lol
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    Check out LostDank's Canadian addition to my Comprehensive Guide to Dealing with Police.
  13. There is no backroads in the part of delaware I live in. And the guy I was with knows one of the main cops, and apparently he was the boss of the cops that tried to bop us
  14. K thanks for the help! Yeah in my town there are flat roads that you can see for miles all around, but my town is notorious for weed smoking and a lot of the good ol' spots have of late been cop spots.

    And thanks for that thread reference, helped a lot :)
  15. Very untrue, the last two possession tickets i received were dismissed based on the fact that the cop illegally searched me. the first time i was pulled over because the officer "was under the impression my registration was expired" when in fact it was august and my plates were good till christmas. So when the cop asked to search my car i told him no, i know my rights as a us citizen and that his reasoning was bullshit if he was so concerned he should have ran my plates sometime during the 2 miles he followed me home. Long story short, judges are usually a lot more compassionate to stoners than police are. go figure

    And unless you have some godlike dealer who delivers weed to your door, chances are you have to drive the herb at some point. I mean unless you like to bike or rollerblade and get jacked by a crackhead.
  16. Why be in a vehicle of any sort when you're chiefin? In the end you are stacking the chips in favor of law enforcement to fuck with you.

    When the green is legalized in the USA there won't be much loss of revenue over possession and all the court costs associated when you have a huge group of idiots catching DUI's for being stoned.

    Besides, to a nonsmoker the odor of ganja lingers and is easy to detect. Use your brain and stop driving around baked. It does nothing but fuel the fire.

    There's the arguement about "I drive slower and safer". Naw stupid, you drive HIGH and it screams PULL ME OVER.
  17. Just so you know... there is significant research to support the "i drive slower and safer" argument. ;) You still shouldn't drive while smoking though.
  18. What is the medical marijuana law in California? It's a definite choice for me to move to when i finish my chemical engineering course but I'm from the UK (just wanna move somewhere sunny lol) so I don't really know much about marijuana laws over in America. Can someone explain?
  19. In Maine, simply driving around past 11 and looking like you may be 18 or younger are grounds to get pulled over. They'll use any excuse they can, your tail lights out (even when it isn't), your cars too loud (it's a fucking deisel moron). They use any excuse to pull you over because there isn't any action so they need to make shit up to get some.

  20. i think you should have added, make sure your eyes arent red:smoking: use visine, rodos etc. and also dont leave that in open view, because if cops see that it could make them more suspicious

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