how to keep in shape?

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  1. hey guys, im in college right now, taking way more courses than i should be, and i just dont have time to go to the gym. I would start running, but over here its cold as balls and i dun have the motivation to get out in the cold and run. Ive been gaining a lotta weight, what can i do to stay in shape that wont take too much of my time? thanks guys :smoke:
  2. Im in a similar situation but i just make the time to go the gym.

    it takes about an hour out of my day but if i manage my time well i can still do it 3x a week without probems.

    Just gotta find the time to get into the gym and do a quick workout
  3. I think the book "4-hour body" by Tim Ferriss might help you out.

  4. I just happen to be a certified trainer, here's what you can do to lose weight if you cannot go to the gym and lift weights:

    If you won't got to the gym or run outside, try adjusting your diet by eating less (not starving yourself!). Cut sugary drinks completely out of your diet and eat only foods that have been alive before (meat, grains, nuts, vegetables). You can get these cheap if you go to farmer's markets too.

    As for exercise, do anything you can that involves moving your body enough so that you can talk, but you can't sing. When you completely run out of breath, rest for up to 3 minutes and keep going. Do this 3-5 times a week for 20-60 minutes, increasing each workout by 2 minutes; rest time doesn't count.

    Consistency is key, set short term goals(measurements) to gauge your success.
    Good luck!
  5. Do weights? A simple weight program will take you like a half hour three times a week to do.
  6. yea man, cut out the sugars and drink water instead. For exercise, just start doing push ups and squat jumps, 3 sets of 15 reps
  7. play basketball.
  8. There's no shortcut but even a little motivation will take you a long way!
  9. If it's important enough to you then you can always wake up an hour earlier to go to the gym...

    Also, like others have already said, cut out sugary crap and monitor your calorie intake.

  10. I'm working a job to pay for school, and the most sleep i get is 6 hours per night. I just dont have the time for it :( Im doing my best to watch what i eat too, but its not enough
  11. body weight exercises! I got a pull up bar on my bathroom door so I just do a couple of pull ups and hanging leg raise(well more like hanging knee raise since my abs are still too weak) every time I go to the bathroom. Do squats between my homework. Do bridges when I wake up and still in bed. It is as time saving as it can get.

    Though I really should get some time in for cardio...

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